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Breaking The Food Seduction

Neil Barnard is really amazing in explaining why a vegan diet works, why we have food addictions and how to overcome them. After listening to him it's hard to imagine you'll ever eat meat or dairy again... Video is almost 1 hr long but worth watching and a fantastic way to motivate yourself. When I have more time I'll write down a summary ...

No More Monsanto GMO!

Monsanto GMO no longer welcome in Europe

Continue reading "No More Monsanto GMO!"

Reverse Diabetes With Raw Food

Did you know that you can reverse diabetes when you eat raw food? If you know someone with diabetes you may want to show them this video. I've visited this retreat center and the results were stunning.

Continue reading "Reverse Diabetes With Raw Food"

How To Cure Cancer in Weeks

This interview with Dr Coldwell is absolutely mind blowing. I think you'll absolutely like to see this.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell has cured over 35,000 cancer patients and other chronic diseases (92% cure rate) without medication, radiation or surgery. You may want to sit steady on your chair when you watch this because you might fall off if you hear what he says - absolutely incredible.

Personally, I'm most grateful for dr Coldwell amazing work. It's thanks to the raw food diet AND his U-cure CD system that I have 3 healthy children (after being diagnosed with infertility for 6 years... ).

For more about how to cure cancer click here

Secret of World's Most Beautiful Ass

raw food diet before after

Doutzen Kroes - an international Dutch top model, who is currently one of Victoria's Secret Angels - was voted to have the worlds most beautiful ass.

According to the British Daily Mail, she was the star of Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Guess what kind of smoothie she had just before the show?

Doutzen Kroes' super food smoothie recipe.

Medical Papacity

This is what Rudolf Steiner said about the medical authorities more than 100 years ago. I find this amazing and not much seemed to have changed...

“Generally, people only care about health when they’re ill. And when they’re ill, they don’t care about anything else. Often they find it completely irrelevant how they’re cured. And they’re happy if they don’t have to be bothered with it either. Because there are doctors who know all about curing people. They are specialists. This is how most people think today. At this time, there is a much higher belief in authorities than we ever had during religious times. It is medical papacy of the highest order.”

This quote gives a nice insight as to why people will take a pill or go for surgery rather than change their diet in order to get better....

More quotes here.

Stop Eating Fish - Please!

SEA THE TRUTH - Nederlandse ondertitels from Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation on Vimeo.

More than 80% of the fish has disappeared from your oceans. Your children, when they are your age, will not be able to see wild fish. The oceans will be completely empty in 30 years. Unless..... YOU stop eating fish now AND please vote for political parties that will stop subsidizing the fishing industry.

Please watch the movie above and pass the video and its message along....

Thank you!

Peach Smoothie Recipes

Have you ever tried these peach smoothie recipes? Raw, vegan and dairy free. Hydrating and satiating.

Continue reading "Peach Smoothie Recipes"

Raw Food Cookbook

The best raw food cookbook ever. Full of mouthwatering raw food recipes. Healthy & Easy. Gluten free, dairy free, and most are suitable for diabetics.

Continue reading "Raw Food Cookbook"

Green Smoothie Recipe - Top 5

Green smoothie recipe: my five favorites. Easy. Healthy. Yummy. Perfect when starting a raw vegetable diet or in combination with fruit smoothies recipes.

Continue reading "Green Smoothie Recipe - Top 5"

Raw Diet Recipes: Sprouted Bagel with Salmon

Raw Diet Recipes: Sprouted Bagel with Salmon

Continue reading "Raw Diet Recipes: Sprouted Bagel with Salmon"

The Health Benefit of Water

Discover how to get the health benefit of water and the importance of drinking water.

Continue reading "The Health Benefit of Water"

Raw Food Recipies - Spaghetti al Marinara

Here you'll find one of my favorite raw food recipies: Spaghetti al Marinara. Delicious, quick and easy to prepare. A real raw food classic.

Continue reading "Raw Food Recipies - Spaghetti al Marinara"

Raw Food Recipe - Raw Cucumber Sandwich

Here's a delicious and easy raw food recipe: a Raw Cucumber Sandwich. Ready in 5 minutes. Perfect. Scrumptious. Satisfying.

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Tomato Juice Recipes

Find here the best of all tomato juice recipes. Free of course!

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Vegan Cheese Recipe

Here's an excellent vegan cheese recipe. It tastes just like young goat cheese. Perfect in salads, as a spread or dip. Made with pine nuts, garlic and fresh chives.

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La Creme du Chocolate Superfoods - A Delicious Chocolate Desert Recipe

Gabrielle Bricks who featured in WE's TV series Extreme Diets, tells you here her favorite chocolate desert recipe: La Creme du Chocolate Superfoods

Continue reading "La Creme du Chocolate Superfoods - A Delicious Chocolate Desert Recipe"

Raw Food Recipe - Avocado Carrot Soup

Here's a delicious and easy raw food recipe: Avocado Carrot Soup. Ready in 5 minutes. You can eat it warm or cold.

Continue reading "Raw Food Recipe - Avocado Carrot Soup"

How To Make Almond Milk

How to make almond milk and delicious raw food recipes. Healthy alternative to cow's milk, dairy free.

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Homemade Energy Bars

Homemade energy bars are a delicious snack. This recipe is raw, vegan and gluten free. Tastes just like the Larabars.

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