Aloe Vera Soap Recipe

Here's an aloe vera soap recipe. The gel of this plant has many amazing benefits. It is especially fantastic for your skin. It soothes your sunburns, heals your wounds, improves infections, acne, yeast, eczema, and other skin irritations. It makes your skin look beautifully, smooth and young.

Watch here how to get the fresh gel for the aloe vera soap recipe.

Aloe Vera Gel Benefits


Aloe gel penetrates the three layers of your skin easily. It cleans out bacteria and oil deposits that block your pores. The enzymes, stimulate the reproduction of new cells, replacing the dead skin cells.

Natural Aloe Vera Soap Recipe

So I wanted to use aloe vera and thought that a soap would be nice. I used to make my own soap using a natural soap recipe and then add aloe vera gel to it that I bought in a tube.

Quick Aloe Vera Soap Recipe

I melt soap in a microwave and then added the aloe vera gel from a tube in. Mixed it well, sometimes added some oils like lavender for fragrance. Then I poured the mix into a silicon browny mold or in some cute silicon ice cube molds for some small soaps. This was simple OK.

I also used a natural soap recipe where you make the soap from scratch and then add some aloe vera gel. If found this quite difficult and time consuming.

Then I wanted to know more about the aloe vera plant and became to understand why the plant is so special. And also what makes the plant so healing for your skin.

Aloe Vera Nutrients

  • Important minerals (like zinc) and antioxidants (like Vitamin A, C & E) that help heal your skin and make it strong and beautiful
  • Super Enzymes - The enzymes of the Aloe plant are very "smart", they destroy dead tissue cells, clean the wounds and skin irritations and allow new cells to replace them.
  • Special Hormones - that accelerates the growth of new healthy cells. This speeds up the healing process.
  • Antihistamine which makes aloe fantastic for skin burns, and allergies.
  • Anti-Microbial and Anti-Viral to fight of infections and viruses and supports the immune system of the the skin.

What really sets this plant aside from other plants is the amazingly smart enzymes that attack what's not healthy and enable new strong cells to grow.

Knowing this, it make absolutely no sense to me to process or heat the aloe vera plant or buy processed or heated (pasteurized) gels or soaps. This would kill one of the most beneficial part of the plant: the enzymes! Wasting so much time on something that would give me an inferior product! Also I wanted to leave the aloe gold on my skin, not rinse if off!

Here's the Best Aloe Vera Soap Recipe (Gel/Cream)

aloe vera leaf

This is what I do. Cheap, quick, easy and this gives you most benefit.

  1. Go to a garden center or large plant store. Aloe vera plant is a popular house plant, it cost about 5 USD. Is very easy to maintain, only needs water once a week. I bought two.

  2. Then whenever I need some gel - usually after taking a shower because I find the gel too valuable to wash off. I cut of a piece of a leaf. I "peel" the skin of with a knife. What's left is the gel. I put it on straight on my face, hands, arms and feet. Immediately, you feel that the gel is absorbed and your skin looks radiant and is smooth.

  3. You can also make a large slurry. You peel the skin of several leafs and put the gel in your blender. You get a great slurry. Then I put in in ice cubes molds and save it in the freezer. Then when I need some I take out a cube, let it come to room temperature and treat myself with the gel.

Uses For Aloe Vera Gel

I use the gel as a day cream, after sun lotion, face mask, anti yeast infection cream etc. If you have skin burns, cuts or irritations I apply it on several times a day, sometimes I use the inside of the skin as a bandaid and and let it sit. I find the results absolutely amazing. You see your skin heal before your eyes.

Benefits of the Aloe Vera Soap Recipe


Now, you can have an "aloe vera soap recipe" that is super fresh, raw and alive, full of powerful curing enzymes that you cannot get in any store bought aloe vera soap or gel - for pennies. And it's always available when you have an aloe vera house plant. Use it monthly, weekly or daily and see your skin transform! You cannot buy this anywhere in a store!

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