Benefits Flax Seed

The benefits flax seed are gigantic. From releaving both constipation and diarrhea to reversing/stopping cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

You'll first read about benefits and than you'll find links to fantastic flax seed recipes such as crackers, smoothies, and oatmeal. (And you don't have to be on a raw food diet to appreciate them and get the health benefits.) This way you have a delicious way enjoy the value of these seeds).

Top 3 Benefits Flax Seed:

  1. Vegan protein;
  2. Omega 3 fats;
  3. Fiber.

Omega 3 - Benefits Flax Seed

Benefits of flax seed oil is the high (plant based) content of omega 3. Flaxseed oil is 56% Omega 3 and 16% Omega 6. Most people have only 20% of Omega 3 that their body body needs for good functioning. It is important for the flexibility of your cells and it will keep you warm in winter.

Stop Cancer

Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist and blood specialist, has treated cancer of all kinds with nothing but cottage cheese and Flaxseed Oil. She says that people with cancer have blood that is low in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and the blood looks greenish under a microscope.

Heart Disease, Blood Pressure and Brain Food

Further, studies show that omega 3 decreases blood pressure and lowers heart disease. It is also important for your brain: it may help relieve depression, memory loss and psychotics.

Best Source of Omega 3

The problem with omega 3 is that it turns rancid very quickly, the advantage of using (fresh) whole flax seeds and then grinding them is that you will get the oil in a fresh and pure state.

Fish versus Flax Seeds

Isn't fish a great source of Omega 3 fats? Absolutely.

The problem with fish is however that the fish population is decreasing rapidly. Pollution of the sea increasing. Farm raised fish get huge amounts of antibiotics and god knows what more. And now, farms are even experimenting with GMO fish.

I don't recommend you to eat fish regularly (or at all) as a source of this fat. Really, a vegan source, like flax seed, is best.

Toxin Free

Thus other benefits of flax seed oil is that you can leave the fish alive and healthy and that you don't have to pollute yourself with mercury and other toxins they carry.

Vegan Protein - Benefits Flax Seed

Anyone who read the China Study (now sold in paperback) from Professor T. Colin Campbell of the Cornell University in New York knows the disastrous effect that animal protein may have on your health.

China Study

Based on this study and over 700 other studies it has become very clear that the more animal protein you eat (including, milk, cheese, yoghurt, meat) the higher your risk of virtually all western diseases including cancer, diabetes, allergies, autoimmune disease.

Turn Cancer On or Off

They can even turn cancer on and off by increasing or decreasing the amount of animal protein in someones diet.

Vegan protein like in flax seed, on the other hand is save - even in higher quantities - and doesn't have this side effect. Therefore, another major benefits flax seed is the vegan protein source.

Click here, to read more about vegan protein and a list of plant based sources.

Fiber - Benefits Flax Seed

The RDA recommends 25-25 grams of fibre each day. Most people on a western diet only get 10 grams. This results in constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and toxicity. Fibre is a fantastic source of fibre. Add it to your smoothies, salad or eat is as crackers to get your fiber.

Cleaning Your Intestines

The fiber in flax seed will function as a natural broom aiding in cleaning your intestines from mucus, parasites, undigested fat, old cells and toxins.

Bye Bye Constipation

One of the biggest benefits flax seed has to offer is that is that they relieve constipation. Constipation has become such a huge and common problem for people that hospitals have "poop departments" do deal with this issue.

Interestingly, flax seeds also help people that have chronic diarrhea by "soaking up" the water in your intestines.

Doctors prescribe Metamucil (fibre) for people with irritable bowel syndrome. That is more expensive than flax seed and has added sweeteners and chemicals to it to make it "tastier" for you. Unfortunately also unhealthier. Just adding flax seed to your diet will give you the same benefit, cheaper and more effective.

Balancing Your Blood Sugar

Lastly, fiber also aids in balancing your blood sugar which is important for people that are diabetic, pre-diabetic or have trouble with their blood sugar. Try the "oat meal" recipe.

To check this, first eat a plain banana, then check your blood sugar (with a tool most people with sensitive blood sugar have). Next time, eat the banana with cinnamon and flax seed recipe and check your blood sugar again. Amazing! It will be (much) lower! Especially if you add fiber to your diet consistently.

Optimize Benefits Flax Seed - Eat Them Raw!

To get all the benefits flax seed has to offer, it's important to eat them raw. Flax seed oil becomes rancid quickly so make sure you get fresh (organic) flax seeds that haven't been heated above 40/115 Degrees C/F.

If you soak the seeds for a few hours, the enzyme inhibitors disappear and you'll absorb them easier.

Flax Seed Recipes

To enjoy the benefits of flax seeds, here are some great flax seed recipes.

  1. Flax Seed Crackers
  2. "Oatmeal"
  3. Smoothie Recipe

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