Benefits of Elderberry

What are the benefits of elderberry? Where can you find this plant and how do you recognize the it? Why should you know about this weed and what are great elderberry recipes?

The best foods is free and can be found in the wild. wild edibles are super nutritious. I'm a big fan of weeds such as the elderberry! Where I live you can see this plant everywhere: in the woods, next to the roads. Thus very easy to find.

Benefits of Elderberry

According to Dutch folklore the benefits of elderberry (sambuca or vlierbes) are plenty: the Dutch believe that the tea of the leafs purifies your blood. Tea of flowers boosts your immune system. The cooked berries improve your metabolism and are used to relieve arthritis. Syrup made from elderberries is said to heal a sore throat and reduce fever when you have the flu.

If you bind the leafs together and keep them above your window or door, they keep mosquitoes away. Crowns of elderberry branches were given to horses to keep annoying flies at distance.

Elderberry Recipes

You can use both the flowers and berries for making wine, jam and paint.

Best way to consume elderberries if making a tea from the leafs or flowers, or making a delicious lemonade from the blossom.

At the moment everyone around me has come down with the flu. Except me of course. It might be my raw food diet, or maybe the elderberry blossom lemonade that I drink a lot of that is supposed to boost the immune system.

Here's the elderberry recipe for the lemonade: Pick the flowers and put them in a can of water. Leave water can with the blossom outside, preferably in the sun, for a few hours. The result is a delicious and refreshing lemonade. You can also use the young leafs - especially around midsummer (21 june) when they are most powerful.


Warning: the unripe elderberries contain sambunigrine which is mildly toxic, thus, if you eat the berries only eat the realy ripe ones. And only eat berries from the black elderberry plant.

More Elderberry Information

For more info on the elderberry, watch the video above. It has some great elderberry information on how to recognize this plant, the benefits of elderberry, where to watch out for and where to find them.

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