Food High in Calcium

Super Alkaline Smoothie

It may not be easy to find vegan sources of food high in calcium when you're just starting a raw food diet. Since calcium is one of the most important alkaline minerals, it is important for weight loss, detox and healing.

Here's a super calcium smoothie recipe that gives you nearly half of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for calcium. You also see a list of natural food high in calcium under tips below.

Super Calcium Smoothie Recipe


Serves 1-2

2 Bananas
1 Cup (Frozen) Raspberries
1 oz Goji Berries (small hand full)
1 Orange (peeled)
2 tbs (1 oz) Sesame Seeds
1/2 tbsp Maca Powder (optional)
5 drops of Liquid Stevia (or 1 tbsp agave syrup)
1 cup Clean Water


  1. Put all ingredients in a high speed blender. Put foods with high water content first (i.e. water and orange).

  2. Blend until very smooth (about 1 minute).

  3. Drink and enjoy!


  1. The food high in calcium in this smoothie (in %RDA):

    • Sesame seeds - 2 tbsp: 28%,
    • Orange - 1 medium: 6%,
    • Goji Berries - 1 oz: 6%,
    • Raspberries - 1 cup: 4%, and
    • Banana - 1% each: 2%

    This totals 46% RDA for Calcium. If you add 1/2 tbs maca, you add another 2%.

  2. This is a great tasting smoothie and the ingredients are easy to get in any health store.


Stevia is the perfect all natural, 0 calorie sweetener. It's a herb (much like basil). In Dutch it's also called honey herb because it is very sweet: 300x sweeter than sugar!

The Japanese have been using stevia for over 50 years (and probably much longer). In the US it has been approved for sale recently. And Coca Cola has patented a form of it.

In Switzerland (not part of EU) you see stevia powder in any major supermarket for pennies as a popular sugar replacer. In the EU it's not allowed for consumption yet, but many health food stores sell it under the counter or "for external use only". So ask for it!

The liquid form has the best taste. Use it to sweeten your smoothies, tea, coffee, chocolate, cakes or anything you like. Perfect for diabetes too.

You may also buy a whole stevia plant (at most garden centers where you can buy a good selection of herbs for you garden) and add a few leafs to your smoothie.

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