Food Lies "They" Don't Want You to Know

He who owns the food, controls the world.

"The Codex will make what they did in WOII look like kids stuff. According to the World Health Organization 2 billion people will die if it is fully employed: December 31, 2009. "They" are eroding your rights away - one by one - while you''re asleep."

Rawfood Europe interviewed and filmed Brian Clement in Amsterdam the Netherlands on March 26, 2008. Watch this video where he speaks about the food chemical codex (codex alimentarius).

Full transcript of Brian Clement''s lecture

"Let's get to the most important question anyone has asked me tonight. About the coming of the codex bill. I will give it you you as briefly as I can.

As we know, there are a 177 countries in the world that are part of the World Trade. You happen to live in one. I live in one.

Nazi History

Let's get back to World War II. There was a gentleman who ran the pharmaceutical industries in Germany. He produced [the gas used in gas chambers, the steel for the death camps and the] rail roads lines. He also produced pharmaceuticals.

After the war, they put him into jail. Of course he had enough money to get out quickly. At that point, they should have shot him through the head, and I'm a pacifist. I would have shot him through the head. Bottom line is, they let him out of jail seven years later.

UN Fooled

He went back to his cohorts. They looked back at the 1800s and some control issues they had back than with incorporating codex rules in America. They then went to the newly formed organization at that point, the United Nations and completely bamboozled them. Fooled them.

They told them: "We are good guys now. We're no longer Nazis. We want to help you so that people won't starve. And we'll make sure everybody gets good medicine." This started in the 1950s. There wasn't much activity then, because they couldn't unify the world. Not until the 80s and 90s. This is when we joined together and said: "We'll have a world organization that we call World Trade."

Capitalistic Scam

This was one big capitalistic scam. Nothing is wrong with capitalism. But if we do it this way, something is very wrong. They have a plan that says. Listen closely. By December 31, 2009, all the 177 countries will be harmonized. Isn't that a nice word? We will be harmonized. Next year.

The harmony that they are talking about, you can check by calling the World Health Organization, a wing of the United Nations, and ask for the book. I've read it. I'll tell you what the book says.

Killing Organic Foods

There'll be no longer organic [food] standards in countries. The World Health Organization - and the Nazis - will literally control organic food. These foods will be irradiated, they will be sprayed with pestices and grown in animal feces [shit], they will still be sprayed with chemicals and still be called organic.

By the way, as part of that, municipalities and cities world wide in the 177 countries will eventually, but surely control whether or not you can grow your own food. If you grow food in your own house, you'll have to have a permit.

Two Billion People Die

You think I'm telling bullshit right? Just check me on this. I challenge you to check me. The World Health Organization said that "if the Codex bill is fully employed, two billion people will die."

Because the second thing that they want to do is to control all medicine. They've already done a very good job in Germany and Norway.

They're right here in your government [Netherlands] working on it, so you know that. You're asleep. But the fact is, they are working your government. They're working on my government [US]. There are five bills now pending.

1st Test Case

The first test case they put in America, in California, they can no longer ship raw almonds out of the state to any 50 states. They wanted to see if Americans would stand up and rite. If they would protest. But we didn't because we just watch TV. Eat protein bars. Listen closely.

"They" Want To Wipe These Bastards Out

Who are gonna be the 2 billion to die? It will not be white folks spending the money, I can tell you that. These will be the black folks, down in Africa, the natives in South America. Because they want to wipe these bastards out. They're not spending a cent. Sounds pretty hard, doesn't it? Factual statement. They want to wipe does bastards out, they're not spending a penny.

How They Control The World

And they want to uniform you. They want to take total control. As they have already taken in Ireland last year. They took the goji berries that were organic out of the market. I worked with the former minister of health when he was banning smoking in Ireland.

He was a great man. He was literally fighting them at that point. "They keep coming in from the EU, telling me what to do. Essential herbs they took of too. [If the Nazis don't get money from this, they will take it of the market. In a few years, you can only buy food that comes directly or indirectly from them.] "

They Take Your Health Rights Away

Europe, you're far ahead of us in this. They're eroding your rights away - one by one - while you're asleep.

In America, the good thing is the presidential election. There was one guy, who's a doctor by the way, called Ron Paul. He's the only conservative I ever voted for in my life.

Because, he told the truth. He said: "the most damaging thing right now is the coming of the codex alimentarius.

Codex Most Controversial

The number one thing that I'll do if I become president, is to stop the Codex bill." He got it. He's a doctor. He was like: "What do you mean? These people don't make enough money? They've got to take on health foods? And almonds? They got to take total control?"

December 31, 2009

They already control the supplement industry. And I once again remind you to check every word I say. December 31, 2009, is the date when the codex will be fully employed in your country

And they will slowly but surely, as you are sleeping, take away more and more rights from you.

Place a phone call to the World Health Organization and ask them what the Codex bill means. They'll will tell you: "2 billion people will die". That's a scientific fact.

Do you think the Nazis did a good job in the Second World War? I'll tell you, This will make what they did in the WOII look like kids stuff.

WOII Look Kids Stuff

That's all I can tell you. If you think that's an over statement, you better think of what you're against up this time. Then, we were talking about a few million people that died. Now we're talking about your health, your life and 2 billions of people. The first people to go are not the white folks. Those are the poor people down in the poor countries.

Become Conscious

Become conscious. How do you do that? Not by yelling to people, not by becoming politically. Change your life. Do what Gandhi said.

If You Want Change, Change Yourself

If you want things to change, change yourself. That's how things will change."

What to do

  • Sign the EU Referendum for Natural Remedies.

  • Contact your national, federal and local government and people responsible for your health. Write letters, e-mails. Make phone calls. Write many letters, articulate, and often. Inform others, there are still many people unaware. Go to for more info and assistance.

  • Ask for fresh, plant based and food that's not sprayed with chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and not irradiated.

  • Eat more organic raw food, superfoods and start juicing. This is one of the best ways to protect yourself from the negative consequences of the codex, and get enough lifesaving nutrients so you remain healthy. Raw food FAQ

Codex in Your Country

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Codex Alimentarius EU
Codex Alimentarius Netherlands
Codex Alimenatius Canada

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