Healing with Raw Food

Healing with raw food, losing weight, and detoxing. Read the stories below of four people who were diagnosed with Diabetes Type II. They were told by their doctors that this horrible disease is not curable.

In November 2007, thebestofrawfood interviewed them at the Tree Of Life in Israel. In this retreat, Gabriel Cousens - one of the most respected living raw food diet gurus - runs a pilot for diabetes. The results are ridiculous! It proofs that healing with raw food is possible! Within a week!

A man with 20 years history of diabetes and a woman with blood sugar levels as high as 700 could throw away their medication within ONE week of green juice fasting... And as a bonus, they also lost weigh and detoxed...

Nissim's story

20 years ago, Nissim was diagnosed with diabetes. He tried all the medication to get rid of it. He always looked for the best professors, and newest medication. His fasting blood sugar was always around 300. Since nothing else helped and he decided to give Tree of Life Juice Fasting Program a chance.

He was quite sceptic when he started, but the two detox weeks were a miracle. On the first day he got rid of his medication. After 4 days his blood sugar values where in the 70. After 2 weeks their stable and hasn't gone up more than 80!

But now he knows he cured his so called "incurable disease" and can't stop talking about what a miracle it is. He has maintained normal blood sugar levels! So much about healing with raw food....

Meira's story

Meira found out she had diabetes 7 years ago. First she took homeopathic medicine. That helped for a while, but then, her blood sugar went up, and up, and up. She said, she made the mistake of starting to use drugs. But then, it only got higher, and higher and higher. Eventually her blood sugar levels reached 700. She got desperate, even after eating very small amounts of food such as a table spoon of rice or even an egg, her blood sugar would jump up to 500.

Her doctor told her she could not be cured and really had to go on insulin. That's when decided to do the juice fasting. A last resort and hope to avoid the insulin.

She wasn't disapointed. Today, she's so, so happy. Her blood sugar went down to normal levels within days and she doesn't need medication anymore. She too calls it a miracle.

Dalia's story

5 years ago, Dalia was diagnosed with diabetes. She too took all the medication there is, except for insulin. She didn't want to suffer from the side effects of the diabetes... Then, her son found out about this raw food diabetes program. During the fast she was never hungry, and the fasting was very easy.

Today, she cured herself from diabetes, she does no longer need any medication. She now knows about healing with raw food....

Hava's story

Gana was a vegetarian and always ate relatively healthy organic food. She believes, her diabetes was caused by stress and lack of exercise. Her blood sugar was 150, not as bad as the others, but she knew it was time to do something. She came to the Tree of Life because of the holistic approach and thorough support. First juice fasting, then clearing negative emotions. Next are the cooking classes and for the next year, she'll get monthly check ups by the medical support group in Israel. She even gets weekly meetings with other raw food people in her city. She's so exited about the program. She made it her mission in life to tell others about the healing with raw food for diabetes. She tells everybody not to take medication but come to the tree of life first!!

The stories here are success stories about raw food and diabetes. However, you can cure yourself from many more chronic illnesses with raw food. Raw food and health go hand in hand! Will these people miss their steaks with french fries, sure they'll miss them. But all of them say its a small trade compared to what they got back: their health, energy, weight loss, better clarity of mind...

If you'd like to learn more about the juice fasting or about the tree of life center for diabetes and balancing your blood sugar levels you may contact the treeoflife.nu (fill in "diabetes" in the search box).

You may also like the documentary DVD that follows the success and challenges of six ordinary people with diabetes put on a raw food diet for 30 days.

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