Health Benefit of Water

The health benefit of water is key to a healthier and longer life. Drinking water is important for:

  • The elimination of toxins;
  • Keeping your blood thin and flow well;
  • Cellular and bodily functions such as digestion;
  • Relieving constipation;
  • Suppressing appetite, and
  • Metabolizing stored fat, thus helps with weight loss.

Some quick facts:

  • You can live 40 days without food, but only 3 without water.
  • You can loose 50% of your glucose, body fat or protein and survive, but if you loose 20% water, you'll die of dehydration.
  • Babies are 90% water, adults about 70%, elderly about 60%.

You are what you drink!

Most cooked food doesn't contain much water:

  • Bread 30%;
  • Butter 16%;
  • Cheese 40%;
  • Cereal 5%.

But raw vegetables have a lot:

  • Cucumbers, celery and lettuce 95%;
  • Broccoli, cabbage, carrots, peaches, strawberries 90%.

Signs of dehydration:

  • Dark-colored, pungent urine;
  • Allergies;
  • Hard stool, constipation;
  • Low energy and weakness;
  • Dry mouth or lips;
  • Dry skin.

So the quality of the fluids we drink is imperative to good health, and the health benefit of water is directly related to it's quality.

What's The Best Drinking Water

When you're on a raw food diet, you know the health benefit of water. Clean, pure, alkaline water, with the right pH and structure.

So clean, alkaline water is best. This still leaves many options. Distilled water? Spring Water? Rain Water? A water filter? And then, not all experts agree.

Thebestofrawfood interviewed world's leading experts on raw food and clean water to find out what they found is the best water for consumption: David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens, and Brian Clement.

Below, three options from three experts:

  • David Wolfe - spring water;
  • Gabriel Cousens - distilled water;
  • Brian Clement - live water filtration.

David Wolfe - Spring Water

In this video we asked David Wolfe - world's no 1 raw food teacher - what he believes is the best drinking water.

So David uses spring water. Other raw food experts - Gabriel Cousens and Brian Clement - did their own research. Do they agree with David? We asked them the same question. What is the best drinking water? To find if they agree you can watch the interviews with them below.

Brian Clement - Living Water System

In this video Brian Clement, leader of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida explains to you what he believes is best and most practical: living water system and (restructured) distilled water.

Gabriel Cousens - Distilled Water

November 2008, Thebestofrawfood interviewed Gabriel Cousens M.D. - over 30 years vegan and expert on reversing diabetes with raw food. We asked him how he prepares his water. He uses distilled water and reveals his secret to making to restructuring and making this the best drinking water.

Esme Stevens - Create Your Own Spring Water

Until recently, most people’s only choice for mountain spring water was to obtain it in plastic bottles or go to a spring. But, now you can create such water in your own home. At the same time you'll eliminate plastic bottles and landfill waste.

By using the power of a high quality gravity-fed water filtration system (like Berkey Water Filter) in combination with Adya’s mineral solutions (pulls out all that doesn't belong in water) you can balance your water as only nature can (

If you then stir it with this simple stirwand to structure it you improve absorption. Then bless it. Now you'll have created the healthiest, most affordable and environmentally friendly drinking water option (except for drinking it fresh from a spring).

So, What's the Best Drinking Water?

David drinks fresh spring water (or from glass bottle), Brian uses a living water filter and Gabriel distilled water with special treatment. But all these three experts, underscore the health benefit of water and that it has to be clean, pure, structured and alkaline. David Wolfe also mentions the importance of low mineral content (especially calcium).

I am creating my own spring water with the Adya filter method (mentioned above) and the stirwand. I never liked water so much! I have even neighbors and family members visit me with a empty glass bottle to fill up on some superb drinking water!


Another powerful health benefit of water is that it aids in weight loss. Here, David Wolfe reveals how his cousin lost 150 pounds by using this simple & cheap habit.

Go here to read more about raw food weight loss.

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