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- Pineapple Juice -

Here's one of my favorite juicing recipies. It's rich, delicious and unbelievably quick and easy to prepare. It's so simple and easy to prepare. The outcome is a real surprise because this juice is so "creamy". This is my kids's and friends favorite juice.

Share this one with your guests, and they keep wanting to come over for more...! An extra bonus: drinking pineapple juice will help you lose weight, detox and become healthier!


The Yummiest Pineapple Juice

Serves 2

ph and weight loss


1 pineapple


  1. Cut the peel off the pineapple.
  2. Cut the remainder into big chunks.
  3. Put the chunks in a (centrifuge) juicer.

Isn't this truly the easiest and yummiest raw recipe? Juice a pineapple. It's so simple and yet so creamy and delicious.

Pineapples are very healthy. They contain bromelain, a special enzyme that is used in muscle injuries. It aids in digestion, blood thinning and rheumatoid arthritis. It thins mucus, is anti inflammatory and speeds up wound healing. This drink should be on top of your juice list!


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