Lemon Juice Diet

Fresh Raw Lemonade with Stevia

The Lemon Juice Diet is quit popular at the moment as a detox. And many raw foodists know the health benefits of lemon juice. It clears away the mucus in your intestines. Mucus which most raw food experts believe holds toxics and parasites.

Unfortunately most conventional recipes with lemon are full of sugar or refined honey to neutralize the sour taste. The recipe below is fresh, raw and no added sugar. Thus perfect on a fast and delicious and healthy on any other given day.

Actually, this is the best summer drink whether on a fast, diet or not. You make your own fresh lemonade within minutes. It's sweet, delicious, all natural, healthy and has zero calories. Kids love it too. Also perfect when on a diabetes diet. Great for making ice popsicles too!

Best Lemonade Recipe

Lemon juice diet 1 quart purified water (1 liter)
Juice of 2 lemons
1/2 teaspoon of liquid stevia (or more/less to taste)

Mix all ingredients well and you're done! Serve cold.


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