Monsanto GMO Stops Lobby in Europe

In a reaction to 2 million demonstrators against Monsanto GMO in 436 cities worldwide on Saturday 25 May 2013, the company said they'll give up the fight for genetically modified crops in Europe. The company said it will stop the lobby for its products since there is too much resistance from consumers and farmers. Already many European countries have banned GMO crops because of the dangers of genetically modified food and pesticides for the environment.

Monsanto stops lobbying for GMO in Europe, will focus on in Eastern Europe and South America

Monsanto GMO Losing Ground

"We've concluded that there is not a wide acceptance at the moment. We haven't made any progress in years", said a spokesman of Monsanto to a German Newspaper. Growing resistance and consumers and farmers who refuse to buy the genetically modified foods have lead to this result.

A spokesman of the German Ministry stated that "The promises of the GM industry have not come true for European agriculture, nor for the agriculture in developing and emerging economies"

European Countries Ban Genetically Modificated Crops & Seeds

Eight countries of the European union have already banned Monsanto GMO corn and similar crops and seeds. The opposition has been particularly fierce in Germany which caused its government to make strict regulations to protect the country from ecological degeneration. Other countries banning Monsanto GMO are: Austria, Bugaria, France, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg and Poland.

Your Vote Counts!

This is a good start and it proofs that if consumers and farmers stand up, protest and vote with their wallet by refusing to buy GMO products they do have a huge impact. You must stay alert though, because most cheaper and fast food - like you find in most supermarkets - will have cheap ingredients from the countries where GMO crops are still allowed. At least in Europe you can find on the label if a product is GMO free. As of today, organic food should free from GMO ingredients.

Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

If you want to know more of the dangers of genetically modified foods, watch the video below.


Keep on fighting!

Beware! In my view Monsanto is a criminal of the highest order and I would never trust him. Even if he says he withdraws, I would stay very alert. Usually he'll try something else to get his way. I'm reading on that the US department of agriculture said it had done genetic tests on wheat from an 80-acre farm in Oregon last April. The test showed the wheat was an experimental variety created by Monsanto that had never been approved for sale! This guy lies and cheats like no sane person can imagine. I guess most people are to innocent to see what this guy is up to…..

Support David Wolfe in His Lawsuit Against Monsanto

Monsanto's son infiltrated raw food expert David Wolfe's company years ago and sabotaged many of his initiatives resulting in huge set backs and million dollar losses. The good thing is that apparently Monsanto sees David Wolfe and his company as a huge threat. A confirmation that David Wolfe is on the right track! But the spying was done it such sneaky and professional way that its really scary. David Wolfe finally filed a claim against Monsanto. The lawsuit will be on August 19, 2013. On that day please burn a cancel, meditate, or whatever other way you may have to send good energy to that courtroom and pray for the truth to prevail.

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