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A new law being pushed in Canada by Big Pharma seeks to outlaw natural cures, including up to 60 percent of natural health products currently sold in Canada. Even while criminalizing parents who give herbs or supplements to their children.

The law, known as C-51, was introduced by the Canadian Minister of Health on April 8th, 2008, and it proposes sweeping changes to Canada’s Food and Drugs Act that could have devastating consequences on the health products industry.

Among the changes proposed by the bill are radical alterations to key terminology, including replacing the word “drug” with “therapeutic product” throughout the Act, thereby giving the Canadian government broad-reaching powers to regulate the sale of all , vitamins, supplements and other items.

With this single language change, anything that is “therapeutic” automatically falls under the Food and Drug Act.

This would include:

  • Bottled water;
  • Blueberries;
  • Dandelion greens; and
  • Essentially all plant-derived substances.

The Act also changes the definition of the word “sell” to include anyone who gives such therapeutic products to someone else.

So a mother giving an herb to her child, under the proposed new language, could be arrested for engaging in the sale of unregulated, unapproved “therapeutic substances.” Learn about more of these freedom-squashing changes to the law at the website.

New enforcement powers allow Canadian government to seize your home or business.

At the same time that C-51 is outlawing herbs, supplements and vitamins, it would grant alarming new “enforcement” powers to the thugs enforcement agents who claim to be “protecting” the public from dangerous unapproved “therapeutic agents” like, say, dandelion greens.

As explained on the website, the C-51 law would allow the Canadian government’s thugs enforcement agents to:

  • Raid your home or business without a warrant;
  • Seize your bank accounts;
  • Levy fines up to $5 million and a jail terms up to 2
    years for merely selling an herb;
  • Confiscate your property, then charge you storage fees for the expense involved in storing all the products they stole from you.

C-51 would even criminalize the simple drying of herbs in your kitchen to be used in an herbal product, by the way. That would now be categorized as a “controlled activity,” and anyone caught engaging in such “controlled activities” would be arrested, fined and potentially jailed.

Other “controlled activities” include labeling bottles, harvesting plants on a farm, collecting herbs from your back yard, or even testing herbal products on yourself!

Yes, virtually every activity involving herbs or supplements would be criminalized...

There’s more, too. C-51 is the Canadian government’s “final solution” for the health products industry. It’s a desperate effort to destroy this industry that’s threatening the profits and viability of conventional medicine.

Natural medicine works so well —and is becoming so widely used—that both the Canadian and American governments have decided to “nuke” the industries by passing new laws that effectively criminalize anyone selling such products.

They simply cannot tolerate allowing consumers to have continued access to natural products. To do so will ultimately spell the destruction of Big Pharma and the outdated, corrupt and criminally-operated pharmaceutical industry that these criminally-operated governments are trying to protect.

On May 9th, 2008, Canadian citizens will be gathered at the Calgary Federal Court to protest C-51 and help protect their access to natural health products.

Do you think this can't be true? Doesn't this sounds surreal? Unfortunately, the more you read and search, the more you get convinced that is actually happening. Not just in Canada, also in the US, EU and probably many other countries.

I've heard people say, that the government would never imprison someone for drinking herbal tea or or bottled water. Maybe not, but then, why having such law in place? The law will surely be used to harras practitioners of natural cures. As soon as someone gets good results using "therapeutic product" and a thread to BigPharma, he will be destroyed.

This is already going on. Vegan parents, parents who don't immunize their children or people using natural cures to treat cancer and other diseases are sued.

You have the right to choose which water to drink, or what cure to use

Don't wake up one day and find that it's too late. That you can be imprisoned because you feed you child a multi-vitamin, home grown blueberry or bottled water. Or because you eat dried herbs!

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