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When you've been a raw foodist for a while you become not only very aware of what you put into your mouth, but also about what you put on your skin and organic cleaning supplies. What is it that they sell in the stores that should be cleaning your toilet, sink?

If it's bad for the environment, eventually, it will be bad for us. Shouldn't there be alternatives to the conventional cleaning supplies that are better for the environment and for you?

What are your options for organic cleaning supplies?

Victoria Boutenko, the author of Green For Life did quite some research on this topic. At the raw food festival in Sedona 2008 she gave us her most interesting view on soap:

I Don't Like Soap

"I don't like soap. Soap doesn't only wash away the bad bacteria. It washes away the good bacteria too.

The problem is that bad bacteria develop much faster, they adapt to any chemicals much faster. Bad bacteria die in the presents of oxygen and thrives its absence. And our body isn't covered with the good bacteria anymore because of the soap. The good bacteria protect us from the harmful bacteria to come in. Thus, harmful bacteria can now enter us easily.

It Doesn't Kill Bacteria

It's funny. When you go to the health store and look at their organic cleaning supplies such as hand made soap, look at the ingredients. It doesn't have anything that kills bacteria. organic soap has glycerin. That doesn't wash away bad bacteria. It has bee wax. This doesn't kill bad bacteria. And it has fragrance. So, when you wash your hands it just creates a good bubble. Why not just splash your hands in water and create bubbles yourself?

How many chemicals do you have under your sink?

How much did you pay for each? I used to have about 20. One for stove, one for sink, one for the bath room? Now I only use baking soda.

Stop Washing Your Produce

And I never wash my vegetables. Last week Psychology Today - a medical magazine - said "How can we encourage the public to stop washing their produce?" We should tell public to stop washing their produce. Especially organic produce. When you wash your produce you wash away good bacteria. Bacteria you need to create B12.

Dirt Isn't Dirty

Dirt isn't dirty. Chemicals are. Chemicals are so dirty that they are not just bad for you, they're destroying the whole planet.

Over 2,000 Chemicals in Your Blood

Every one of us has about 2,000 plus medical drugs in the blood. New born polar bears have over 200 chemicals in their blood. Where are we going? How can we stop chemistry from growing. They keep telling telling us new scares and we follow them like zombies. If you stop buying those and just use baking soda, and stop abusing your body with a soap.

You Can Save The Planet

You can shampoo your hair when you have a presentation. Otherwise I wash my hair 1 or 2 a month.

And I have very healthy hair. Hair is very important. Hair is by the way an organ. I strongly believe hair has something to do with spirituality. Because, when you have a bad hair day....

When You Have a Bad Hair Day...

When you have a bad hair day you feel depressed. Humans only have hair on their scalp. Hair has some kind of energy in it. Of course it has to be healty hair. Most of us have hair so deficient in anything. So we need dies and shampoos and conditioners.

How can anyone tell you that hair is dead. It is alive. it grows. It doesn't have nerve endings... "

Baking Soda for Cleaning

Last week, I walked by an antique store in Amsterdam. The store had a antique "cleaning supply rack". The rack held 3 jars. One for Soda, one for sand (for scouring), and one for Green Soap. Apparently, using Baking Soda as a cleaning supply used to be very common.

For many years, I've been using organic cleaning supplies, but after hearing Victoria's story I'm using more sodium bicarbonate (Soda). So far, I've used it to clean my kitchen top, sink, and as dish-wash detergent. The results so far are very satisfying! And the soda is a lot cheaper than the cleaning supplies you buy in the store.

If you're currently using "conventional" soaps, and feel sodium bicarbonate is to drastic, You might start with organic cleaning supplies (eco) first. If you have green products already you might introduce sodium bicarbonate and be surprised at how effective (and cheap) it is at cleaning!

What Can You Clean with Baking Soda

I looked at the label on the soda box. Here's a list of what you could clean with sodium bicarbonate to replace your organic cleaning supplies:

  • Laundry;
  • Floor;
  • Sink;
  • Dishwasher;
  • Bath Tub;
  • Tiles;
  • Glass;
  • Pots and Pans.

How to Use Sodium Bicarbonate


  1. First dissolve the sodium in hot water.
  2. Next, add as much cold water as you wish.
  3. Fill pots and pans with water and sodium and heat up the pans (no aluminum!)


  1. Let the warm water and sodium mixture (as described above) stand for at least 15 minutes
  2. before adding laundry and/or washing powder.

Have fun trying!

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