Raw Chocolate Milk Recipe

It's wintertime. I am with my family in Switzerland, we're skiing in the mountains. My eight year old daughter is out with her ski class. When she comes home around 3 pm, she LOVES a real Swiss cup of hot chocolate milk.

I've been thinking what to give her instead of the milk, sugar and cacao drink you get at restaurants and cafes. I came up with this raw vegan version where I use raw chocolate (or carob) powder, stevia (honey or agave) and cashew nuts. (at home I'd prefer to use fresh young coconut milk or almond milk but they are harder to get or make here.)

The "hot" chocolate turned out really well and my kids (and friends) love this version much better than the brown sugary milk drink. Here's the veganraw food recipe of the "hot" chocolate I serve her. You taste the high quality chocolate...

Raw Chocolate Milk Recipe


1 cup cashew nuts
2 cups warm water
3 table spoons raw chocolate powder
1 teaspoon of mesquite (optional)
1 table spoon of lucuma (optional
1 table spoon honey syrup and or stevia
Cinnamon and/or vanilla to taste


Heat up water to about 120 degrees F (or 45 C). (To test this use a food temperature measurer or put your finger in it. It should be just warm enough to touch it and won't burn your lips.)

Put all ingredients in a blender. Blend well and enjoy.

You may also use hemp seeds in stead of cashew nuts, but the result may not be as "smooth" You can also substitute the nuts and water for 3 cups of almond or coconut milk.

I usually only use 1 small teaspoon of liquid stevia for sweetening, but some people like the taste of agave, honey or maple syrup better with it.

Adding a 1/2 teaspoon of powdered vanilla gives the recipe an extra delicious twist.


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