Raw Diet Recipes:
Sprouted Bagel with Salmon

This is one of the easiest raw diet recipes. And it's just as good as the cooked version. Sprouted bread is not completely raw. But if you're craving bread, are transitioning into raw living food, or if you wish to include some cooked food in your diet, sprouted breads are a good choice.

Because they're sprouted and cooked at low temperatures, these breads are more nutritious and easier to digest. You can find them in the frozen section of your health store (in the US). Besides breads you can find sprouted bagels and tortilla wraps.

Read labels carefully to make sure that no sugar or fruit concentrates are added. My favorite sprouted bagel brands are Alvarado and Ezenkiel.

For the salmon you could choose a cold smoked or cured variety. Wholefoods sells one that's cold smoked, wild caught in Alaska and doesn't have sugar in it. There's also Locks (GravLax). This is neither smoked, nor heated, but it usually contains some form of sugar as a conservative.

After being raw for a while you may choose not to eat sprouted breads (because their heated above 118F/42C degrees) and you may choose to become vegan. However, I feel this is a great transitional raw diet recipe that will help you get started and also a great alternative for "cooked" family members (husbands, kids).

Sprouted Bagel with Cold Smoked Salmon

Serves 4

raw diet recipes


Sprouted Bagel (i.e. Alvarado)
Cold Smoked Salmon (i.e. Whole Foods)
Lettuce Leaf
Tomato Slice
Onion, cut into rings


Take a Bagel out of the freezer and put in the toaster. Spread with some raw coconut oil if you like. Put the lettuce leaf first. Then add one or more slices of smoked salmon and top with the tomato slice and onion rings. You may also add capers if you like.

Here are my favorite raw diet recipes and ideas for lunch. These raw recipes are all delicious and easy to prepare. And if you have friends over, you can treat them to your lunch and love it. Most likely they won't know it's raw. But don't be surprised if they say how fresh and tasty your lunch is.


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