Esme's Raw Food Before and After

Here you'll read about Esme Stevens' raw food before and after. She was born in 1968 in the Netherlands. Her father was a medical doctor (anesthesiologist) and her mother a nurse and relation therapist. Her parents raised her on relatively healthy food. They cooked every day a fresh Dutch meal: potatoes, meat and vegetables.

When Esme went to high school she decided that she would no longer eat her parents breakfast and home made lunchbox, but rather have a chocolate candy bar for brunch.

After high school, she went on to study tax law at the University of Amsterdam. She became an active sorority member and was a chosen board member of the student club with 5000 members. During these years, her diet consisted of beer and microwave meals in an ambiance of cigarette smoke. No raw foods or salads. She never saw her bed before 3 am. A year later she had cervix cancer.

After university, Esme started working with Ernst & Young in Amsterdam. Shortly after she started, she was asked to work for the New York “A-team”: she lead multi million dollar projects and saved millions of tax dollars for American Fortune 500 companies.

She commonly worked 60 hour workweeks and her diet was a typical lawyer’s diet: no breakfast, quick lunch, candy bar and huge american dinner mostly at restaurants or takeaway. Her percentage of raw foods was <5%.

When at 32 she decided to have kids she could not get pregnant. She did what she’d learned from her parents. She went to the best of the best doctors in NY. After five years and seven best of the best specialists, this lead to one healthy daughter. But also to 23 months of pregnancy, late miscarriage, stillborn, gestational diabetes, many other “weird” symptoms and a pregnancy from hell. On top of this she was diagnosed with skin cancer.

When she suddenly became bedridden, she asked herself: “Why am I ill? Isn’t there anything I can do about my health?” But that her illness could have to do with her unhealthy diet didn't enter her mind.

Esme decided to use her time in bed to read, research and try hundreds of books and articles about nutrition to see if that could give her any clues. All this research kept leading to one best diet: a well balanced raw food diet.

So she started on a raw uncooked diet. And every day she'd feel better and more energetic than the day before. In the following months the doctor called that her cancer was gone, then her diabetes...

On the raw food diet, she felt as she’d never felt before in terms of health, energy, strength, happiness and beauty. Then, also other symptoms - that before she'd accepted as “normal’ - disappeared: allergies, sensitive teeth, heart palpitations, short breath, sensitive skin, achy joints, bloating...

And after a few months on a raw food diet Esme got pregnant - naturally. She carried the baby without any problems, after which a beautiful healthy baby boy was born.

Esme’s decided to stop saving tax money for the Coca-Cola’s and McDonalds of the world and instead dedicates her research, management and implementation skills to inform people about the advantages of eating a raw food diet.

Today, Esme gives lectures about raw food, gives cooking classes, cooks, writes and coached people from all back grounds.

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