Raw Food Diet Books

Are you interested in reading raw food diet books? Here are my top 7 favorite books that I recommend. They're all written by highly respected raw foodists with lots of experience.

INTO THE RAW by Carol Alt Beginner
Raw Food BookThis is a great book for beginners. It's an easy read and it covers all the basics. It has some recipes at the back. I recommend it for people who are just starting a raw food diet or don't know if the should and just like to read more.

GREEN FOR LIFE by Victoria BoutenkoBeginner
Raw Food BookA great raw food diet book for beginners and advanced readers. Victoria compares the diet of human to that of the chimpanzees. She then analyzes their diet and explains how we can learn from the apes. The book has practical tips and easy recipes. Victoria has a unique view and practical approach. I love this one! ยป Read More

PH MIRACLE by Robert YoungBeginner
Raw Food BookIf you need some motivation to get started, read this one. This book focusses on alkaline foods and the importance of alkaline foods for your health.

THE RAINBOW DIET by Gabriel CousensAdvanced
Raw Food BookGreat book for people who've read about raw food and want more. This book is one of my favorite raw food diet books, because it covers all the basics and a lot more, it has a lot of detail and is written by one of the most respected raw foodists. An MD who has done more than 30 years research about raw vegans.

RAW FOOD REAL WORLD by Sarma MelngailisCookbook
Raw Food CookbookThis is a favorite raw food cookbook because it is from my favorite raw food restaurant. It has the most delicious mouthwatering recipes. It's written by the owners of the restaurant "Pure Food & Wine" that is listed in the top 100 restaurants of NYC.

NAKED CHOCOLATE by David Wolfe and ShazzieCookbook
Raw Food CookbookIf you like to go raw the fun way, try this book! It's full of delicious and fun recipes al made with raw chocolate...

WHAT TO EAT by Marion NestleHealth Food
Raw Food bookThis book is not about raw food and not written by a raw foodist. It's about healthy foods in general. But since it answers the questions that most people have, I do recommend it. When you walk in the supermarket are you confused about what to eat? I used to. Marion Nestle - a professor in nutrition at the NY University - takes you on a tour through the supermarket. She doesn't tell you what food is right or wrong but she does tell you what happens to the food before it arrives in the store. So you can then decide for yourself if you'd like to eat it or not. She also describes why it is so hard not to buy most processed foods... Marion has a conservative (=conventional) view about food. I can only imagine what the book would look like if she'd studied raw food in more detail...

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