Raw Food Diet Money Savers

Here are 7 Tips to Save Money on your Raw Food Diet:

With the these tips, frugal living becomes easy and fun. Below you'll get more info and tips on each of these topics.

Grow Your Own

Grow your own greens. They are free, fresh, local and organic. If you don't have a garden, you can still grow some plants on the balcony or in your window. Sprouting, grasses and micro greens are excellent for this. For inspiration watch this video from David Wolfe below.

Wild Edible Greens

Picking wild edible plants is of course a very good money saver. You'll get your food for free. Wild plants are delicious and very nutritious. They are a good option for people without a garden or with little time. Think about wild grasses (all are edible), dandelions, lamsquarters and nettles. They are easy to find and recognize. Very fresh and fun. Also look for wild blue and blackberries. Since wild edibles contain much more nutrients than store bought greens, you'll have a double advantage.

Buy in Bulk

On a raw food diet you eat lots of greens, fruits and/or nuts & seeds. It's always cheaper to buy in bulk. Look on the internet or ask others where you can buy in bulk. Great foods for bulk are nuts & seeds, (olive) oils, crate of avocados, apples, etc.

Green Farmers Market

They are generally cheaper than the health stores. And a lot fresher. If you go at the end of the day, chances are that you can get some great discounts. Also ask for crates or boxes, most will give you discounts.

Super Foods

You may not think of super foods as a frugal food choice, however, since they are such concentrated food (nutrient dense) you'll only need small amounts. So that, overall, they're a very cost efficient food choice.


Become a member of a CSA or Coop. They are excellent for raw food diet money savers. In NY, for example, are great CSA's. You can pick up bags full of veggies each week for just pennies. I paid about 350 for a full membership for nine months. That means less than 10 USD for 2 - 3 bags full of green leafy vegetables, carrots, fruits etc. When you're on a raw food diet and live in a city, it's almost a must to be a member. Coops are excellent for a great frugal living

Local Organic Farms

More and more, you see organic farmers that sell their products directly to customers. It's always cheaper to buy from the farm directly. And it's fun to go there. Also look for orchards where you can pick your own fruits or those little food stands that sell they're produce on the street. (not the ones in the city, next to high traffic roads!). Ask if they are organic. Even if they aren't officially organic, they often not spayed with chemicals.

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