Raw Food Diet Pregnancy, Babies and Kids

How Raw (Un)Cooked Food Affects Your Children

Is a raw food diet pregnancy safe? Can you feed children a 100% raw vegetable diet? Is there a connection between diet and immunization and autism, juvenile diabetes or allergies? How will it affect their social life?

For you, thebestofrawfood.com interviewed four raw food experts. David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens, Blake Clement (son of Brian and Anna Maria Clement). Watch these and other videos below to hear how they answer your questions.

Best raw food diet pregnancy, nursing babies and kids

What are the best raw foods, super-foods and supplements for kids? What's the best source of vegan protein? How to let kids enjoy greens? Listen to what the world's #1 raw food teacher believes is the best raw food diet for pregnant women, babies and kids.

Advantages Organic Foods Highest for Babies

Gabriel Cousens stresses the importance of organic compared to conventional food.The main cause of death and disease among children under 15 is cancer. Gabriel believes this is largely due to the many pesticides and herbicides - with their carcinogens - in processed and conventional grown food.

The advantages of organic foods is highest for babies. The average baby is born with 200 toxins and carcinogens in its body. By the time kids reach their 2nd year, most have pasted the lethal limit for the toxins. By feeding your child organic food, it will have about 1/6th the amount of carcinogens in its body. Thus you will decrease the chances of illnesses significantly.

Kids have way too many sweets and chemicals. Their mental states are very agitated. By now the sweets have pesticides and herbicides.

Some research suggests that 50% of the hyperactivity would be reduced, if they had organic food. Put them on an organic and a low sugar diet and look at certain allergies, that may also cause nervous system or cerebral allergies. Hundreds of studies at schools and prisons whereby processed food was replaced by fresh produce proofed that most of the hyperactivity is diminished.

Therefore, especially for infants and children a raw organic food diet is incredibly important.

Safe Raw Food Diet Pregnancy

If you're on a raw food diet, pregnancy is no reason to stop. Even if you want to start eating raw when you're pregnant, consider this:

Starting a raw food diet pregnancy may cause some mild detoxification. But eating conventional foods will bring new toxins. In other words, the choice is between old and new toxins. As long as you don't go on a fast, adding raw food to you diet during pregnancy is a good idea. Then you bring all the good minerals, vitamins, enzymes, co-factors and everything else your baby needs. I don't recommend raw animal foods and of course make sure the food you eat is fresh from a good source.

How to raise raw food kids

What will happen if you go against mainstream and feed your kids a raw food diet? What will happen to their health? Happiness? IQ? How will they perceive social events?

Listen to Valya Boutenko, here 20 years old and raised on raw foods. She tells her story. Then you decide for yourself.

Raw Food Family

And here's a video from a German raw food family with three kids. They've been 100% raw for four years. They look healthy and happy. I find their enthusiasm contagious.

How to Prevent Obesity in Kids

One out of three children in the US is overweight and other countries are following rapidly. These children have the same risk of disease as overweight adults, but at a much younger rate. Juvenile diabetes, cancer, allergies to name a few. The World Health Organization has estimated that - for the first time in history - children born today will not live as long as their parents.

If your kids eat raw food, they will not be overweight. You, as parents, can protect them from horrible diseases. Your choice: pizza, candy, and cancer OR raw ice creams, smoothies, fruits, raw chocolate cake and health. The video below shows that parents' fear that the kids will miserable if they cannot eat french fries and hamburgers is not grounded.

Raw vegan kid Blake (11), son of Brian and Anna Maria Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, goes to a normal private school. He's a hero and leader in his class. Other kids want to eat as he does, being raw and vegan is cool. Tom (11) was features in the Dutch documentary "RAUW"(raw). Julian is a good friend of Tom.

Raw Food Europe interviewed these three energetic boys. Here you can see the raw food world through their eyes.

Should You Immunize Your Child?

Vaccinations seem to be connected with autism. The rate of autism is greatly increasing since people started vaccinating. The rate of juvenile diabetes, as tested in Finland, increased 154% after they added 3 different vaccinations. New Zealand added two vaccinations to their program. This resulted in a 62% increase in juvenile diabetes. This has many reasons, but the point is that vaccinations seem to disorder the nervous system and seem to be connected to some level of autism and candida That’s one issue.

Alternative to Immunizations

Gabriel Cousens: I'm not sure if you want an alternative to immunizations. I'm not sure immunizations really work. I do know they cause a serious disease.

Study 1: Aboriginals
There was a study done with the aboriginals. Half the kids who where immunized died the next day.

Study 2: Accidental study in California

  • Kids who where immunized - high percentage got sick.
  • Kids who didn't get any immunizations, such as the Rudolf Steiner kids, all got sick.
  • Kids with homeopathic immunizations - none got sick.

Study 3: Argentina
There was a diphtheria epidemic. Half the city got the homeopathic immunization. Half the city got conventional immunizations. The homeopathic immunization gave a much higher rate of protection.

How to deal with your child's illnesses?

  1. Maybe it's not a big problem. Maybe immunizations make no difference what so ever. When we improved our hygiene, most serious diseased disappeared.

  2. Build the immune system. Raw food do that (raw green veggies, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables). And immune boosting herbs. Sugar lowers the immune system. (Raw food diet pregnancy is great a preparation)

  3. Homeopathic immunizations.

This way you have several lines of defense. Of course, nothing gives you a 100% guarantee.

There's not much evidence that immunizations work. But we know they cause a lot of problems. There are other ways to protect your child from disease.

Here's a cute little video where World's No:1 raw food teacher David Wolfe feeds my (nine months old) little baby boy a durian.

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