Raw Food Diet Recipe
French Fries

Today, I had so much fun with my kids eating raw french fries with ketchup. We served it with avocado and cucumber slices and we had the best dinner ever! Partly because the look on my husbands face when he took his first bite. My 6 year old daughter was laughing so much, she almost fell off her chair. She then went on to give a plate to our neighbors, grandparents and some other "cooked" friends. The expression when they found out it was raw. Priceless. And they too liked it!

Here's the best raw food diet recipe ever.

Raw French Fries Recipe

raw food diet recipe

Serves 4


4 kohlrabis
1/2 cups cold pressed olive or hemp seed oil
2 teaspoons curcumin (kurkuma)
1 teaspoon sea salt

Cut the kohlrabis like french fries (julienne). You can do this with a knife, but it's easiest with a mandoline. Put the kohlrabis in a bowl.

Put the oil, curcumin and salt in a bowl. Mix. Pour over the fries. Let sit for at least 10 min. Then drain and scoop onto some paper towels (to take off excess oil).

280px-Koolrabi A kohlrabi is a cabbage of a variety with an edible turnip like swollen stem. It's a crossing between wild cabbage and white beet. It's white and pretty sweet. You can find Kohlrabi in most health stores in Europe. I'm not sure about other continents. If you can't find these turnips, you can also use Jicama root.

100 grams of Kohlrabi contains 100% of the RDA for vitamins C and 10% of calcium. In addition is contains iron, vitamin B1 and 2, Vitamin A and 2 gram of protein.


3 tomatoes
3 pieces sun dried tomatoes
5 dates (or 1/2 teaspoon stevia and 4 more sun dried tomatoes)
1 squeeze lemon juice
1/2 cup pure water

Put all ingredients in a blender. On the bottom of the blender the water, lemon juice and tomatoes, on top the dried tomatoes and dates. Blend well. This will be easier if you leave the sun dried tomatoes sit in water for a few hours.

This is a winner snack on every (raw) dinner party.

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