Raw Food Diet Testimonials

Are you thinking about going raw? Watch, read, and listen to these incredible raw food diet testimonials. After seeing these, you can't deny it: a (well balanced) raw food diet is the diet of the future.

Watch these raw food video testimonials where people tell their story, successes and struggles. From major weight loss, curing allergies, diabetes, arthritis to snoring. Stories from celebrities and people just like you. Some are absolutely stunning.

Over time, I'll post so many great testimonials that nobody in the world can ever doubt the amazing benefits of raw food! If you have a story to tell. Send it to me, so others can read it.

Raw food testimonial from Markus Rothkranz. At 27 he had heart problems, lung, liver, kidney problems, chronic bronchitis, asthma, allergies, anemia, poor vision, colds and flu, cysts, candida. At 45, he's looks better than 20 years before. He's a hot looking rock star now. (Not the one on the picture below!) Hard to believe the man at 27 and 45 are the same.

Raw food testimonials from Woody Harrelson and Morgan Spurlock "Supersize Me"

Angela Stokes lost 160 Lbs on the raw food diet and looks stunning! It's ridiculous when you see her before and after pictures. She's even been on the BBC with her weight loss story. Today she's an inspiration to many.

Why did one of the best known raw food teachers, David Wolfe, go raw?

At 19 he discovered he was allergic to dairy. He finds that the food people told him to eat were not working for him. Then he started to research nutrition. Accumulation of information made him go raw. His body was breaking down at 21. His knee and back hurt, and believes he may not have been here today. He got inspired by Harvey Diamonds Fit for Life.

He started with vegetable juice and because he was on a low budget, he picked up "old" veggies at the health stores - that they would otherwise throw out - for free. David juiced them. Complete and total transformation have occurred. Today he's been raw for 13 years and uses his microwave only to shield products from EMF radiation.

Athlete, Tim VanOrden, shares his story on how and why he went raw. Raw food feels raw food is like taking steroids. He was sedative for 17 years and was a computer consultant. Today, at 43, he's training for the triathlon for the Olympics!

Dave the Truck Driver lost over 200 pounds in a year and cured himself from cancer and diabetes

Raw Food Weight Loss over 45 Pound

Matt' Monarch's story - 6 years raw - became a 100% raw foodists overnight after reading a book. Great tips for starters.

Phillip lost over 125 lbs with eating raw food and avoided drastic surgery. He tried everything else: Weight lifting at 7 different gyms, Physical trainers, atkins, blood type diet, diet pills, fasting w/ water, vegetarian, vegan, hypnotism for weight loss, guided imagery, hospital nutritionist, Nutrition Counselor, Juicing, Martial Arts classes, Exercise videos. But nothing worked to lose weight until he started the raw food diet. Incredible before after pictures.

Watch this amazing raw food diet testimonials from Jeramaya, Amsterdam's first raw chef. Once he was a truck driver. Today he's one of Europe's greatest raw food chefs.

He started the first raw food cafe in the Netherlands and was discovered when he was the raw cook of the Chocolate Club in the Amsterdam. Currently he's working in a new raw vegan restaurant on the lovely island of Ibiza (Spain).

Michelle lost 160 Lbs on the raw food diet in little over 1 year. List of all the benefits she experienced. From snoring, reflux, no more medication, edema, lower back pain, can dance and walk again, oily hair, oily skin, hart flutters gone, chronic bronchitis and pneumonia, depression, fast food cravings, lack of control of food, intense food cravings gone, used to sit in handicapped section in restaurants, car, didn't fit in bath tub, couldn't go to grocery stores. Compulsive eating Gone. Happy and healthy now!

Another weight loss story. Richard, an ex-marine lost 40lbs and feels better than ever.

Testimonial from Jennifer Jeanne - Her weight loss journey. From 230 lbs to 150 lbs. Many raw food before and after pictures.

Raw Lee, 40 years, has been raw for 5 years. He shares his experiences. How he dealt with friends, doctors, family. How he feels incredible all the time.

Kevin Gianni's experience of how to transition into raw food diet.

Shirley from the UK tells why she became a 100% raw foodist. And how the raw vegan diet cured her daughter of severe arthritis.

Before after raw food videos.

After 99 Days 100% Raw Video - Wow She looks amazing, radiant and has a wonderful voice!

Jackson's lost 100 pounds. Many raw food before after pictures.

Experiences from Francisco Bujan. How to easily shift to a raw food diet - Planning and strategies - A few simple recipes - One small step at a time - - Think long term - Emotional process - Raw

A raw food beginner on a 30 day raw food diet.

Angel's raw food testimonial and struggles.

Cynthia Alf's raw food diet testimonial. Got rid of Candida.

Davidel tells her raw food testimonial story. Why she went raw: health, weight loss, menstruation issues (pms), detox.

Belladonna is going raw (or at least trying). About her struggles and cravings.

Another inspiring raw food diet testimonial. (serie of 3)

Yet another raw food diet testimonial

And the third of the raw food diet testimonial series

Going raw again Why I didn't succeed the first time and why I'm going back again. Juice fasting.

Another raw food diet testimonial: Changing to a Raw Vegan Life Style.

7 years ago Gina weighted 300 pounds, had 17 official medical diagnoses and lived on disability insurance

Today Gina lives a healthy and happy life. She is passionate and exited to help others get similar results. She has her own radio show: Living Lighter Radio.

raw food diet before after

Find more raw food testimonials at welikeitraw.com.

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