Raw Food Meals in Winter

Many people find it weird to eat cold food in the winter. They believe you can't eat raw food meals if you want to stay warm. "Are you really eating raw food when you go skiing?" they ask me in disbelieve.

I've always been surprised that when I am in the snowy alps during X-mas I never feel cold. It's weird, I actually always feel comfortably warm. I'm sure the exercise of skiing has something to do with it - it promotes blood circulation. But I never crave anything warm during winter. On the contrary. I want more green smoothies!

Why Raw Food Meals Make You Warm

I just read this great blog from Victoria Boutenko about why raw food actually makes you warmer in winter. And for the first time I really understand why:

"A hot meal, a cup of coffee or an ice-cold shot of vodka warm our body in the same manner. When any impure substances get into our blood through the walls of the intestines, they irritate our adrenals, the endocrine glands located above the kidneys.

The adrenals immediately begin to produce epinephrine, norepinephrine and a variety of steroid hormones. These hormones stimulate our sympathetic nervous system, which is why we feel awake at first. They also force our heart to beat faster and to pump larger amounts of blood through our body, which makes us feel warm.

This feeling doesn't last long and we pay a high price for it. After 10-15 minutes our body gets exhausted from performing extra work, the heart requires rest, the nervous system becomes inhibited, and we feel tired, sleepy and even colder than before.

However we remember only the feeling of getting warmer after eating cooked food and repeat such stimulation again and again. This harmful practice wears the body out and by the end of the winter many people feel exhausted and depleted."

Go here for Victoria Boutenko's full article.

So if you do feel discomfort and cold during winter, it's likely only a temporary thing. When you feel cold. wear an extra sweater, get extra exercise or follow any of the fantastic tips from Alaskan raw foodist.

I actually recommend you make some raw food meals (and add some cayenne pepper).

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