Raw Food Nutrition

Are You Getting Enough?

Raw food nutrition is much more complete than most people think. When someone knows I eat a diet of raw food and I'm almost completely vegan, they always want to know about my raw food vegan nutrition: where do I get my protein, my iron. Especially since I'm still breast feeding.

I always explain that greens have the highest quality of nutrients and are high in protein, iron and calcium. And that one glass of carrot juice gives me 100 times more calcium than supplements (they call that higher bioavailability). I thought you might like to see my raw food nutrition chart of the raw food I ate today.

Here's my today's raw food menu.

Raw Food Diet Menu

16 Oz Green Drink
16 Oz Super Food Smoothie
16 Oz Vegetable Juice
2 servings of Raw Vegan Sushi
Small Carrot/Fennel Juice
Raw Chocolate Cake
Green Salad

Most fruits and vegetables on the list below are either juiced or blended (the only way I can eat so many veggies). I entered all foods in my FitDay.com account.

Here's a breakdown of the % protein, fat and carbs that I ate today.

raw food nutrition chart

Lastly, I thought you might like to see a breakdown of the nutrients. Am I getting my iron, calcium etc.? Even though the chart below is a little like comparing apples with oranges, since I'm comparing conventional foods with raw organic juiced foods (much higher in nutrients and easier to absorb), you'll get an impression. A few notes:

  • Keep in mind that the nutrients source is Fitday and based on average conventional greens. Many believe that organic greens have as much as 50 times the amount of nutrients that conventional greens have. (see this European Study Performed: Organic Food is More Nutritious - near the bottom of the page)

  • The vitamins and minerals in raw food, especially the greens, are organic (colloidal) minerals not the inorganic minerals in cooked food. This means that they are much easier to absorb (especially when juiced). Thus, I'd have to eat less nutrients and less raw greens to get the same amount of nutrients (e.g. calcium) as if I were to eat cooked food.

  • Not included are my supplements: I take B-12 and I get Vitamin D from the sun.... And it's a reminder to add sesame seeds, to smoothies, nut/seed milk and salads for calcium.

raw food nutrition chart

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