Raw Food Recipe

A great and delicious raw food recipe. This cucumber sandwich is quick and easy to prepare. Ready in 5 minutes. Perfect for traveling or in your lunch box. Many variations possible.


Cucumber Sandwich

Serves 2


1 cucumber
1 avocado (small cubes)
1 tomato small cubes)
Squeeze of lime
salt & (cayenne)pepper
few cilantro leafs


  1. Peel the cucumber (optional)
  2. Cut cucumber lengthwise and horizontally. You now have 4 long "boats".
  3. With a spoon, scoop out the inner (soft) part of the cucumber.
  4. Put all other ingredients in a bowl. Mix gently.
  5. Fill the inner part of the cucumber with the avocado mixture.
  6. Eat as "boats" or put the other (empty) half of the cucumber on top of the filled one. (You have now a "whole" cucumber. Wrap with plastic wrap. Perfect for when on the go.


  1. Try this recipe with tapenade, pesto, nut pate, nut cheese, mellon or other filling!
  2. Great in your lunch box or on the go.


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