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There has been quite some raw food research lately. Every year, we get more evidence that a healthy lifestyle works. There's overwhelming research about the dangers of eating processed foods such as MSG, Aspartame and Trans Fats. At the same time research is more and more pointing towards the benefits of eating organic, whole food, vegetable diet.
Below is a selection of significant raw food research and other dietary research. Here you find articles in the newspapers or medical magazines as well as research revealed on TV. For the video's just click the image. For the articles, I'll write a summary below with a link to the source.

Animal Protein (Meat, Fish, Dairy)

Animal Protein Linked to Bowel's Disease
Eating lots of animal protein -meat, cheese, fish - increases risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), according to a new study from France. » Source

Stop Eating Processed Meat
"Millions of people are at risk of getting cancer unless they slash levels of alcohol and red meat in their diets, medical experts have warned in a landmark study". And don't eat any bacon or ham at all. » Source

Up To 25% Discount on Insurance for Vegetarians
A new insurances for vegetarians with 10-25% discount. The deal from Animal Friends Insurance (UK) and Vegapolis (Netherlands) comes after statistics showed that vegetarians are less likely to suffer from chronic illness than meat-eaters. » Source


Organic Food is More Nutritious
The largest research on organic food ever, finds that the advantages of organic food are huge. They're much more nutritious. The $25 Million study is performed by the EU. » Source


Cooked Food Causes Cancer
A Dutch research followed 120,000 people for 11 years. The outcome: eating cooked food causes cancer: bread, breakfast cereals, coffee, and also meat and potatoes that have been fried, baked, roasted, grilled or barbecued. All cooked food contains acrylamide which is cancerous. Home prepared foods contain lower levels than processed foods and foods that are grilled, baked, toasted or BBQ. » Source

Papaya fights cancer cells
"University of Florida (UF) researcher Dr. Nam Dang and his colleagues in Japan have announced new evidence that the papaya fights cancer cells. They discovered that an extract made from dried papaya leafs produced a dramatic anti-cancer effect against a broad range of tumors grown in the laboratory - including cancers of the cervix, breast, liver, lung and pancreas." » Source 1, » Source 2, » Source 3.

Collards and carrots ward off breast cancer
Another research confirming that eating lots of carrots and cruciferous vegetables -- collard greens, cabbage, broccoli -- reduces breast cancer risk, suggests a large new study. » Source

Study Finds Vitamin D Reduces Cancer Risk
One billion people around the world are not getting enough vitamin D, including half the population of North America. Study finds Vitamin D may significantly reduce cancer, especially in obese people. "Sunscreen actually inhibits production of the active form of vitamin D, so expose sunscreen-free arms and legs to indirect sun for 15 to 30 minutes every day" » Source

Heart Disease

Vitamin B3 More Effective than Drugs
New study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that Vitamin B3 (niacin) is more effective against cardiovascular disease then Merck's drug Zetia. B3 supplements are natural and 5,800% cheaper than the Zetia drug! » Source 1, » Source 2, » Source 3


Patients kick the insulin habit through diet
The Loss Angeles Times features an article about five people - including TV star Larry Hagman of "Dallas" - who reversed their diabetes through diet and exercise. They eliminated the use of insulin and other diabetes drugs. In addition they lost up to 84 pounds of weight. » Source. Go to healthy diabetes diet.

Conventional measures to treat diabetics make them worse
Rigorous treatment to bring down blood pressure and cholesterol is not beneficial and increases side effects, researchers say. » Source


Saturated and Trans Fats Affect Sperm Quality
Men who eat foods containing a lot of saturated fats -- think burgers and fries -- and monounsaturated fats may be harming their sperm, a new study by Harvard researchers suggests. » Source


Drink Your Juice to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
People who drink at least three glasses of fruit or vegetable juice each week may have a 76% lower chance of suffering from Alzheimer's disease. » Read full article.


Natural Treatment for Asthma Up To 4x Better Than Best Medicine
Researchers discovered that the bitter taste of green leafy vegetables reliefs asthma in that "it opened the [lung's] airway more profoundly than any known drug that we have for treatment of asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease." One green juice a day may significantly relief asthma. » Source

Pregnancy, Nursing & Kids

Babies Get Taste For Veggies In The Womb
Pregnant mothers can give their kids a taste for healthy foods simply by eating them during pregnancy or when breast-feeding, a new study has found. So drink your green juices during pregnancy and nursing and you will give your kids a jump start to a healthy life. » Source

Healthy Diet Linked To Smarter Babies
Science journalist Annie Murphy PaulIn: "In terms of making smarter babies, the best advice to pregnant women is to eat a wholesome diet, refrain from drinking alcohol and using drugs, protect yourself from environmental toxins, and try to alleviate excessive stress. There's some preliminary evidence that physical exercise by the pregnant woman may promote offspring's intelligence." » Source

Pregnant Women Don't Need Extra Fish Oil, Study Finds
New Australian study finds that healthy woman don't need DHA supplementation during pregnancy. Supplementation with fish oil does not affect post natal depression nor scored their children any higher on an IQ test. » Source

Exercise Doesn't Make Up For Kids' Screen Time
Time spent in front of the computer or television screen is associated with psychological problems in children, no matter how physically active the child is, according to a new study. » Source

Happiness & Longevity

Information on finding happiness
Research has proven that happy people live longer, are healthier, are more successful, enjoy more fulfilling relationships, earn more money, and are liked and respected more. One way to steer your life toward happiness is simply to count your blessings. Happiness seems to be a selfish goal. Happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think. » Source

Life span is as wide as your smile
A study looks at smiles in pictures of baseball players and compares death rates. The bigger the smile, the longer the life, found researchers at Wayne State University. » Source

Study: Healthy People Live 14 Years Longer
"Exercise, don't smoke, and consume five fruits or vegetable servings and only one or two drinks daily and you'll live 14 years longer than smoking, hard-drinking, burger-popping couch potatoes." This is the first study looks how these four lifestyle choices together affect health and is published in the "PLoS Medicine". Just imagine the results of this research if they included raw foodists! » Read More

Fluoride Danger and History

Why Are Trans Fats Bad?

What is MSG (E621)?

Side Effects Aspartame

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