Raw Food Travel Tips

Summer's in the air and vacation is coming soon. These top 5 raw food travel tips on the bottom of this page will help you remain energetic and healthy during your trip.

But first, how does world'd number 1 raw food teacher David Wolfe stay raw during travel? Does he bring his blender? Juicer? Raw chocolate and superfoods? Watch the raw food video here to find out!

David Wolfe

"Yes, I do travel a lot and do not bring a blender with me most of the time. Fortunately, most people have a blender. So wherever I'm at, there's usually a blender there. But I'm not attached to it. I've done months and months on only liquid diets. Just drinking super food drinks.

It is a little burdensome when you travel a lot like I do and you have to bring that blender with you. Or always have to find someone who has a blender. I finally just let that go. It's good for cleansing and for the experience. But I just try to make it as easy on my self as possible.

I bring all my super foods with me. I either use a blender or mix my super foods with water. Sometimes, you can just take raw honey and put everything in the honey and just mix it. Make a goo and then eat that.

That's very powerful."

Watch more videos or read more about David's super foods.

My Raw Food Travel Tips

I'll share with you some valuable lessons I learned during my last vacation (Scroll all the way down for my top 5 travel tips).


I'm planning a trip to Italy. After a rainy winter, I'm longing for the sun and fresh raw produce! My friends book a hotel for me in Rimini, on the beach. They are great cooks, eat organic and have high food standards. They used to own a restaurant with rave reviews. Food is great wherever they go.

Full Pension

Full pension. Thus no cooking for me. I can relax and enjoy great food. I'm thinking fresh olive oil, fresh local produce. Gourmet cuisine. Maybe not raw food, but surely there will be "slow food" and wonderful rich salads.

Having Fun

April 29. We leave. The weather is fantastic. I have the best time ever with my family and friends on the beach. Kids playing happily in the sea. My husband discusses the latest Italian soccer matches. We, the girls, go shopping in the Italian boutiques. The atmosphere couldn't be better. Top vacation.

Pasta, Pizza and Fries

As for the food? The menu was that of a simple Italian restaurant. Pasta with tomato sauce, pasta with butter, pasta with fish, and sometimes pizza or french fries. Cooked. Not exactly the fresh produce I'd been dreaming of.

Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Olive oil from the cheap super marked around the corner. Heinz tomato ketchup on every table. No fresh large rich salads anywhere to be found. It's salami and ice-creams. What was I thinking?

On my way back, in the plane, I realized this was a great lesson learned. Next travel I'll be well prepared. Wherever I go. Read below my top 5 raw food travel tips

Raw food Travel Lessons Learned

Raw Food Travel Tip 1 - Local Health Store

First, look in the yellow pages for the nearest health store. (You could do this on-line too if you have internet access). Of course an organic farm or any other place where you can buy fresh organic produce will do.

Second, find out how to get to the store. I had a rental car and only needed a map to look up directions. Alternatively, you can take a taxi, bus, or ask the hotel host.

Third, bring a travel shopping list. I always carry shopping lists with me (in my iPhone). Here's a short version of mine :

  • Lemon;
  • Avocado;
  • Cucumber;
  • Spaghetti squash;
  • Sun dried Tomatoes;
  • Basil or fresh Pesto;
  • Coconut;
  • Lettuce/Cabbage;
  • Seaweed;
  • Water;
  • Bananas;
  • Raisins;
  • Fresh local fruits;
  • Fresh local vegetables.

Thus prepared, you go to the store and buy the necessary foods for a raw food survival.

Raw Food Travel Tip 2 - Bring Super Foods

Use a container for baby formula from Avent to carry super foods during travel. It has three different compartments for baby formula. You fill them with whole superfood powders.

The first, I fill with a mixture of green powder and blue green algae. (I love E3 Live Renew Me.

The second and third compartment, I fill with a mixture of super foods (such as raw chocolate, maca, bee pollen, MSM, etc.)

Using the Avent container you can easily make yourself a super drink. You you just take of the cap, put a little green juice in a bottle of water and shake well. No spoon needed. No mess.

Raw Food Travel Tip 3 - Pack Raw Snacks

Bringing raw snack food is a must. I always bring hulled hemp seed, sea weed and goji berries in a zip lock bag. This way, I aways have something quick and easy handy.

I love the hemp seed because this seed doesn't need soaking before eating and it's an excellent source of raw protein and healthy fats. Sea weed and goji berries are full of minerals and easy to bring along too.

Other suggestions are raw nuts, trail mix, dehydrated snacks (cookies, granola, crackers) or Larabars (you can make these easily yourself.

I love cabbage. I often bring a zip lock bag with shredded cabbage. It keeps well and you can eat it as is, or mix with avocado and lemon for a great quick salad.

For my kids (1 and 6 years old) I bring:

  • Raw lemonade;
  • Smoothie in a glass bottle;
  • Bananas;
  • Raisins (or other dried fruit);
  • Raw nori seaweed (sheets);
  • Raw crackers/cookies, and/or
  • Larabars
  • .

Raw Food Travel Tip 4 - Important Equipment

I like to travel light. Bring only the minimum. No big juicer or blender. I only bring these two:

  • Water bottle;
  • Pocket knife.

For longer travels you may also bring:

  • Cup;
  • Spoon or fork (for mixing);
  • Hand blender ;
  • Julienne peeler (for quickly making pasta strings out of squash);
  • Hand juicer.

Raw Food Travel Tip 5 - Must Bring Along

When you bring these too, you can truly make yourselves gourmet food on your trip.


My favorite sweetener. Small and easy to carry with you. With stevia you can make your own alkalizing raw lemonade with fresh lemon juice or your sweeten your green powder drink (my kids like that).

Olive Oil

With a high quality extra virgin olive oil and lemon you can always make your own salad dressing. I bring a small travel bottle. Sometimes I pre-mix my salad dressing.

Himalaya Sea Salt

I often have to cook for family members that aren't 100% raw, including my husband or oldest daughter. If I do, I always like to add my own high quality Himalaya sea salt so I don't have to use cheap table salt.

Purified Water

I don't like to ever be without high quality drinking water, so I always bring some bottles filled with my own filtered water. At least for the travel itself. Once at your destination, you can buy acceptable drinking water at most places.

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