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Would you love to know what other raw foodists are into? Any raw foodist may submit her site here. Will you mention this website on yours? Your website doesn't have to go about raw food, but the owner or a family member should be raw. (No commercial websites please).

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Raw Food Websites

Great recipes, forum and other raw food diet info.

Roger Haeske has a really neat raw food diet site with lots of inspiring articles. It's about how to unleash your superpowers for radiant health, happiness, fitness and freedom.

The natural way to weight loss. Amazing raw food website of Angela Stokes. She shows how she lost 141 Lbs (62 kg). She also has a great blog.

Inspiration for those who want to be raw vegans. Detailed description of my own experience and the amazing health improvements.

Beautiful on raw is a great raw food websites dedicated to educating and inspiring men and women who want to look their best while experiencing radiant health on the raw foods lifestyle. You'lI get great inspiration when you go to the raw food before and after page (link above).

Raw in Ten Minutes (Brian Au)
Brian Au is a raw food chef and has been promoting RAW for 12+ years. His recipe book: RAW IN TEN MINUTES is a best seller. Oprah recommends it on one of her websites. His new National RAW Infomercial is about to air NATIONWIDE making RAW MAINSTREAM:

A Dutch website about raw food.

Find out the facts about vitamins, antioxidants, and the glycemic food index at superfood-guru. Science confirms the benefits of super foods and their anti-aging properties. A healthy lifestyle makes LIFE DELICIOUS.

Naturally eliminate sickness and disease without prescription drugs or conventional medicines. Using nutrition as your medicine to fuel and re-energize the body so it can heal itself naturally.

The most updated information about detox. Why and how to detox.

Learn practical and effective cancer prevention strategies and take charge of your family's health. Cancer may have become more prevalent but it is still preventable. Know how to deter cancer by knowing everything there is to know about cancer.

Advise on colon cleansing. Enemas, cleansing and detoxification.

Information about strategies to age well and live a long, active life. These include eating well, exercising regularly, looking after ones body, and giving up habits detrimental to health. Informs on age-related diseases and prevention, keeping mind and brain alert, and looking younger.

The human body is a powerhouse that seeks to enable health; it actively labors on your behalf because that's what it was designed to do! But it's also a partnership. Give your body what it needs and the powerhouse will flourish!

Everything you wanted to know about the bees, beekeeping, honey and everything associated with bees. How to start beekeeping.

Organic baby products and natural parenting tips that benefit your newborn, your family and the environment - from organic cotton clothing and nursery furniture to toys and baby skincare products.

Beautiful pictures about ex Yugoslavia (Kosovo-Serbia) and Middle East (Israel and Palestine). Web site shows photos of different cultural, social and ethnic groups: urban ghetto in LA, Roma (gipsy) minority in Serbia, Ethno spirit of Serbia, travel journey.

Do you want to improve your health and energy level? Confused by all the conflicting health information out there? Learn the basics that will help you take charge of improving your health and physical condition.

High fiber foods provide the foundation for a healthy colon. A healthy colon leads to weight loss, removal of parasites and overall health. Lots of info on this site including high fiber recipes.

Do you know what is in your skin care products? My site is dedicated to exposing the truth about chemicals in your water, skin care products and other important facts you should know before you rub anti freeze on your face, and drink the fluoride in your water.

Extensive research summarizes the best information on Candida Albicans... an accurate description of Candida as well as listing the symptoms, diagnosis (including a self-test), prevention and treatments available so you can expedite your own Candida Albicans Cure.

Exercise with treadmill site will provide you with specific, informative and straight to the point information and solutions to almost any exercises related to treadmill.

This website provides vegetarian recipes that are easy and nutritious. The site takes a "holistic" approach in that they speak to the spiritual and intellectual aspects of vegetarianism as well as the economic and financial aspirations of their readers.

Banyan Tree Healing Center
Massage Therapy, Hypnotherapy,Meditation Classes, Reiki & Energy Healing,& Raw Foods Education.

This site teaches people how to use essential oils as natural remedies on a daily basis. It provides basic information ion the most popular essential oils and aromatherapy. Goal is to bring awareness to those looking for natural remedies of the existence of therapeutic grade essential oils.

All 4 Natural Health
A guide on natural health information, detailing simple, effective and natural methods of attaining good health. Also includes information on natural remedies, supplements and herbs.

To really have a healthy diet, on a long-term basis, you need to ditch the diets and adopt a healthy eating lifestyle instead. You don't have time for the faddish food crazes that capture the public imagination for a while and then fizzle out. Check out this website for more info.

Everything you need to know about the detox diet. What are side effects, how to lessen them. Information on cleansing and detoxification of the body, overall health and wellness. Nice addition to raw food websites.

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