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What to do when eating out at restaurants, family or friends?

What do you do when you are on a raw living food diet and are eating out (at restaurants, family or friends)? This is a huge issue for many raw foodists and a reason why some start or keep eating cooked food again. What to eat? What to say (or not to say)? Do you bring your own food, do you just eat whatever is served because you want to be polite? Do you want to be singled out?

Below you'll read some stories and watch some videos about peoples experiences, what they did when they were the only one in a group on a raw living food diet. I hope this may be of inspiration to you.

There's Absolutely NO Relation Between Diet and Health!

I've had family members say that raw food and organic food is absolute nonsense and that there is absolutely no relation between diet and health. I found this statement absolutely hysterically funny. I'm sure these people wouldn't have said this if they'd read what I read. Or would truly be open minded and use their common sense.

If you want to explain the benefits of a raw living food diet, where do you start with people who have absolutely no clue and think that French fries and tomato ketchup are servings of vegetables?

I thought of telling them about the China Study - the most comprehensive study ever performed on the relation between health and diet by highly respected Professor Dr. Campbell (Cornel University in New York) and a compilation of 700 reports all stating without doubt the dramatic consequences of eating dairy.

Or about Otto Warburg who discovered the true cause of cancer (and it's cure) back in 1931 and who was rewarded the nobel price for medicine twice. About the German Dr Coldwell who has cured over 35,000 (mostly terminal ill) patience without surgery, chemo, radiations or drugs.

Or about Gabriel Cousens MD who reverses diabetes within days by putting them on a raw living food diet.

I doubt the family members where open to this. And this is not what they're told on TV, in Newspapers, MD Web or they're doctors. Also accepting this as a truth might result in some hard to deal with truth and consequences.

So I decided not to waste my energy trying to convince them otherwise. Only if people are dying to know or truly interested I'll tell them. At this moment, all I could ask for is respect.

There is freedom of speech, freedom of religion and I need freedom and respect of the diet. I respect theirs. I don't tell them what to eat or what to do. And I expect the same from them. I need them to respect my way of living and how I eat and feed my family members (kids) that are all in much better health than the family members refusing to belief health has anything to do with diet...

David Wolfe when Eating Out

In September 2007, I had the privilege to interview World's no 1 raw food teacher for over 2 hours. I asked him what he did in social situations. What he ate when visiting friends or family members. How did he deal with the situation. He had the most interesting solution.

David's Advise & Tips

David Wolfe's advise for people who visit "cooked" friends or family when on a raw living food diet.

  • Be a raw food guru. David has been raw for thirteen years. Everybody knows he's the raw food expert. They don't even consider raising the issue of (cooked) food with him anymore. Going to social dinner parties is usually only a problem for starters of a raw food diet. Once everyone knows you are a raw food expert and that you stand by your decision, they will respect you and accept your eating habits.

  • Fast while you're visiting friends or family. This way you don't have to bring your own food and they don't have to make something special for you. (Fasting might be easier if you had a good raw food meal before go!)

  • Patience: in time you will lose your taste for cooked foods naturally. This is inevitable because raw food taste much better and you will have much more energy after eating it. Eventually this will reprogram you. You'll find cooked beef as edible as a piece of plastic!

Be Entertaining and Fun

Years ago I used to work for a boss who worked with high profile Fortune 500 clients. He was the rainmaker of the office, a very sociable and knowledgeable person. He would love to go out for lunch or dinner with friends, colleagues or clients. And he did so daily.

One remarkable thing about him was that he absolutely never touched any alcohol. Even when the whole table would drink wine, cocktails or champaign. Even if at special occasions or parties the most important clients or friends would. I've never ever seen him drink.

But interestingly, it was never an issue. He also never spoke about it and I think that most of the time people didn't even notice. This was largely because he was such a great host and entertainer and always offered alcohol and asked someone if he wanted to accept the honor of choosing a wine.

What I learned from this is that, as long as you are great company, a great host, are serving good food and are entertaining, nobody will care or notice what you eat or drink. If you decide to fast or eat something raw at the dinner table, you may use your time not eating to tell excellent and entertaining stories (may need some preparation or practice!)

When this boss saw my remarkable recovery years ago, he got inspired to start eating a raw living food diet himself. He hired a vegan chef who prepared raw vegan food for him and his family at home and made smoothies and juices for the freezer so he could bring them to the office later. He visited the Raw Food - Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida. You may not be surprised to hear that he would just bring his trail mix (or "bird seeds" to the conference room with his clients. Nobody would care.

As of today he is still in excellent health and one of the best looking men in his fifties and most successful people I know. What he eats and drinks never seems to be an issue due to his charisma, attitude and personality.

More Inspiration for Families

Another inspiration on how what to do when eating out when on a raw living food diet might be the next video from Ka Sundance (from www.therawfoodfamily.com). In this video Ka is honest, practical and friendly when he tells about his experiences.

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