Why a Raw Vegetable Diet

Raw Food, the Diet of the Future

"A raw vegetable diet will be the diet of the future. It's just common sense." says Brian Clement, in his reaction to the interview with a raw food mother and her 11 year old son who was ridiculed in the Dutch talk show De Wereld Draait Door.

On march 27, 2008, a raw vegan mother and her 11 year old son appeared in a Dutch talk show. The interviewer called the mother extreme, insane and accused her of orthorexia. We from Raw Food Europe asked one of the the world's leading raw food experts, Brian Clement, for his reaction:

"I wish I'd been interviewed for that interview. It's horrible to expose a mother who's not media savvy. That doesn't understand that the powers that be and pay for the advertising for TV have reason to make this women look silly.

A loving mother who wants to feed her child well is looked down at, whereas the masses here feed their children McDonalds. I can tell you that at the end of the interview the the interviewer would have been ashamed that he'd even attacked me, because we have the science that shows what's going on. We have hundreds and thousands of people that came to us dying of diseases and are well today.

And we follow these people. We do clinical studies on human beings. We do blood tests, medical analysis. We have records on these people. Right now we have two university studies that are ready to start. The first one is at the Hippocrates Health Institute. Phenomenal cholesterol level drop on the program within days.

The second is gonna be a very large study on pediatric diseases with the most prestigious university in the United States for pediatrics, Miami Jackson.

Were so contaminated by corporate illusions. Some modern health people try to victimize us and say what's good and bad for you. They may become popular. But at the end of the day, common sense will prevail.

That's why we're positive that a raw vegetable diet is the diet of the future. Years from now, people will wonder. "Did we actually eat meat and drink milk? Did we actually cook our food? Why would we actually have done such thing. It's crazy." You said raw food has been going on a long time. Remember for the fast part of human history, people have been eating this way. I had the privilege of visiting an old culture. Guess what they're eating: a raw vegetable diet.

There're a lot of things that are coming together at this. We are determined as professionals to make raw food main stream. Hippocrates entire objective and role is to make this the way the way people think and live. And it's working. It's happening now. We have worked with hundreds and thousands of peoples in Europe and the United States with our 38 years of experience. The raw food diet is growing at shocking levels.

We go from corporate illusion to common sense. Who isn't going to say that if you pick fruit, that's biologically grown, wash it and eat it, it's not as good or better than cooking the food. My best students are five year old children. They all get it.

We, at the Hippocrates Health Institute, are set forth to abolish silliness and make people understand that a raw vegetable diet is a viable and important way to adapt your food. And if you don't, you're not gonna be as well. Not as well physically, emotionally, and spiritually."

To watch more unique raw food videos interviews with worlds leading raw foodists: Brian Clement, David Wolfe and Gabriel Cousens by Thebestofrawfood.com click here.

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