Raw Vegetable Diet & Frugal Recipes

If you're on an organic raw vegetable diet (also called raw food or living food diet) you might find the food expensive at first. Here are some tips to get the highest quality food for affordable prices or even for free. As well as many frugal recipes:

Food From Your Garden

The most organic, fresh and best food of all however is totally FREE! It's food from the garden! Grown by yourself. Even in you live in a city (like I do), in most areas, you can rent a vegetable garden plot. If you'd like some tips and information on how to start, here's a great website with information: food-from-the-garden.com. This is also a great way to avoid the negative effects of the coming of the Codex Alimentarius.

Wild Edible Plants

This is the ultimate cheap food for me! These foods don't cost you any money or time. Look for wild grasses, dandelion, nettles, plantain, lambs quarters and daisies to name a few. It also happens that these wild edibles are most nutritious. Make fresh juice and you'll have the ultimate healthy AND frugal recipe!


Health food stores are an obvious choice to buy organic food but they can be expensive. To keep your raw vegetable diet affordable I recommend to become a member of an organic food coop. For a low fixed price you can get local, fresh and organic fruits, veggies, dairy and meat for incredibly low prices. And you support your local farmers.

Organic Farms

In Europe you find more and more small organic farms that sell their produce directly to you. The prices are significantly lower than in the supermarket, you get the freshest produce and it's grown locally. In addition, the food is less likely to be radiated.

Green Market

A perfect place for anyone on a raw vegetable diet: a green market. When I lived in New York, there were many of these cutr little markets where local people sell there produce. In the Netherlands where I live, there are organic (or "green") markets too. I love to go there once a week. The people are generally very friendly and knowledgeable about their produce.

Local Farmers Market

If you don't have any green market near by, you might try your local farmers market. It's probably not organic, but if you ask the farmer you will find that a lot of their produce is not treated with pesticides. Ask the farmers about this. I.e. food from green houses is generally not sprayed with chemicals (because the bugs and birds can't get through the glass). At the end of the day (in the last half hour), farmers often give their food away for less.

Organic Food Online

More and more you can find organic foods online. Fresh Direct in the US is a great example. It's a little cheaper and a lot easier since they deliver at your door. Sometimes I see a cars delivering local produce from an organic food store too, you may ask around to see if there is such service in your neighborhood.

Buy in Bulk

If you're on an raw vegetable diet, you'll find that you consume huge amounts of fruits and veggies. Ask your food supplier, (health food store, farmer) if they give you discounts if you buy in bulk. They often do. I get 10% discount at the health food store on all my groceries if I buy a dozen of any food. Thus if I buy 12 avocados, I get 10% discount on all other products too.

Expiration Date

And there's always the option to ask the health store to give you the produce that is "too old" to sell. Some people ask for old produce for their rabbits, and I know quite some people who use it for themselves (mostly for juicing). My health food store sells old veggies and fruits at 50% discount and after that it's free. These foods are usually wilted. Actually, this is what David Wolfe did when just started on the raw food diet.

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