Raw Vegetable Diet in the Media

The debate about raw food is over, a raw vegetable diet works. It's the diet of the future. Raw food used to be for tree huggers and kooks only. Now it's for Hollywood stars, athletes, business heroes and virtually everybody.

Lately, everything related to raw food is booming. From products, restaurants, raw foodists, websites and media attention.

On this website you'll see a selection of the latest in the media on the raw food diet.

WE TV's new show: Secret Lives of Women

Gabrielle Brick, a raw foodist from New York is on WE TV's new show, Secret Lives of Women. The show - Extreme Diets - will air at Tuesday, September 29 at 4pm.

The episode follows Gabrielle during several days. It gives a realistic picture of day in the life of a raw foodist. Here's the preview.

Chris Karr on Oprah

Chris is a cancer survivor. Conventional doctors couldn't help her. She started the Raw Food Diet and recovered. She made a movie Crazy Sexy Cancer. Watch her on Oprah.

Alissa Cohen on Raw Food Weight Loss: Tyra Banks Show

Angela Stokes About Her Spectacular Weight Loss Journey on BBC

Angela about her weight loss journey on UK National TV

Brian Au's Raw Food Infomercial on National TV

Famous raw food chef Brian Au shows how to make raw food pasta on National TV:

For more quick and easy raw food diet recipes click here

Angela Stokes on Raw Food Weight Loss: CNN.com

Raw food promotor Angela Stokes appears in an interview on CNN.com. The reveals how she lost over 160 pounds with the raw food diet.

Watch Angela on CNN (with raw food before and after pictures):

Alissa Cohen Live on NBC's Today Show

Playboy Promotes Raw Food

Classic supermodel Carol Alt will pose nude in Playboy's December magazine. She hopes to inspire middle aged women to eat healthy.

The 47 year old brunette is a big promotor of raw food and author of the best seller book "Into The Raw".

"It doesn't matter what age you are. You can look sexy and feel great, and that doesn''t have to be a gift only for the young. It can be a gift for any age, even the old (whatever that is nowadays),” she told Contactmusic.

An interesting way to promote raw food. I don't know how many middle aged women will read the Playboy magazine, but maybe some men will get inspired by it! Be sure to peek through the magazine in December!

Matt Monarch on Al Gore's Network TV

Jenna Norwood

Article about Jenna's raw food adventure in the NZ Herald. Jenna is the producer of the documentary Supercharge Me! 30 Days Raw. Read the article.

Kevin Trudeaus new talk show

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