Simple Raw Food Recipes

Super Green Lemonade

Sometimes the most simple raw food recipes are the best. My kids LOVE this drink. They call it "green lemonade".

It is the first thing we consume in the morning, it is my daughter's favorite beverage to bring to school (in a water bottle). It is also the quickest and healthiest lemonade I know.

I drink several glasses throughout the day. Carry a bottle with the winner of the simple raw food recipes with me to every location and occasion.

Very alkaline and mineralizing. The capsules are easy to bring when you travel. Simply empty them in a bottle of spring water and add some stevia. You can always have this drink available. Any time, any place.

Super Green Lemonade


1/2 teaspoon of E3 Live Renew Me (or one capsule)
5 drops liquid stevia (or to taste)
1 cup spring water


Mix, blend or shake all ingredients well together and enjoy!

E3 Live is a green powder supplement - one of the few supplements I take. It's a blue green algae of superb quality and taste. The Renew Me version has some additional ingredients such as camu camu and MSM (see super foods page). A bottle is about 40 dollars for 100 servings. That makes 40 cents for 1 cup of the best super foods lemonade ever.

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