Simple Raw Food Recipes:
Raw Food Balls

I love simple raw food recipes, this one especially. It is quick, easy, tasty and you can make it anywhere.

I came upon this recipe when I had to spend some time at a place without any blender or juicer with family that isn't eating a raw food diet. I didn't want to eat fruit only and I wanted to be very quick.

It's as simple as making coffee from powder (and it actually looks like it). You don't need any kitchen tools. I sometimes make this "smoothie" several times a day.


1 large teaspoon of raw honey
2 teaspoons carob powder (or raw chocolate or mix)
1 teaspoon mesquite powder
2 teaspoons green powder (i.e. E3 Live Renew Me)
2 cups clean water
few drops liquids stevia


Put the powders in a large glass. Add the honey. Fill the glass half way with water. Stir well until the honey is dissolved.

Add the rest of the water and stevia to taste.

That's it! This is a highly nutritious super foods smoothie.


  1. I add the honey for taste. The stevia is for sweetness.

  2. It looks like coffee. If your surrounded by cooked people, they'll assume you drink coffee.

  3. If you don't have a glass and spoon available you can also put the ingredients in a water bottle and then shake.

  4. To make other simple raw food recipes, you can add more super foods to this "smoothie" such as msm powder, camu camu, lucuma, cayenne, maca and raw chocolate.

  5. You can pre-mix the ingredients and add them in a dispenser for baby formula powder (I use avent, you can by it in a drugstore.)Now it's even easier to prepare your super simple raw food "coffee".

  6. If you have a simple blender, such as a hand blander, you can substitute the honey for a banana and add bee pollen and hemp seed. They do require some short blending.

Now you never have to be without raw food ever again!

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