Raw Vegan Shopping List

Here's my raw vegan shopping list. With the basics I always have at home. Affordable and available at health food stores, green markets and online.

Whole food Vegan

The shopping list has whole food and healthy stuff only. No refined sugars, flours or vegan junk food. Now that vegan is becoming more popular you see more and more vegan (and gluten free) fast food in the aisles.

Technically, many of these are vegan, but so are sugar, trans-fats and chemicals, artificial sweeteners, MSG etc. Just read the labels well.

What To Look For

I always look for organic and raw products. If I have a choice I go for in season, local and as fresh and uprocessed as possible.

Where To Buy

For shopping, my first choice is the farmers market (fresh, cheap, mostly local and in season). I'm lucky, because the green farmers market I go to has many fresh, raw condiments like pesto, salsa, mustard, horseradish, tapenade etc.

I also have a deal with a local farmer that is not officially organic certified but who does not use any pesticide on most of his produce. Every two weeks, he delivers a bag of local, seasonal fruit (apples, pears, strawberries) and vegetables (carrots, fennel, broccoli) at my house.

What I can't get there, I buy at the health store or online.

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