The Importance of
Vegetable Fruit Juice

The importance of vegetable fruit juice is confirmed in a recent study. The latest research from the Dutch University in Wageningen WARNS that the quality of vegetables such as endive, cauliflower and carrots declines so rapidly that this will result in epidemics of cancer and diabetes.

There's plenty of food, but it doesn't feed us.

By drinking fresh organic vegetable fruit juice you re-mineralize yourself.

Most People Mineral Deficient

The last twenty years, vitamins and minerals decreased with as much as fifty percent. The main reason are the use of of animal manure in the earth. Manure is animal shit and very acid. It's used so aggressively that the earth is loaded with harmful substances. "At least four organizations confirmed this" says the largest newspaper of the Netherlands, Telegraaf yesterday.

Compelling Studies

Studies show that European vegetables contain hardly any selenium (Plants withdraw minerals from the earth. Vitamins are made from minerals). The earth is virtually dead.

Cancer Explosion

"One third of the Dutch citizens gets cancer. This is higher than anywhere in the world. If we continue like this, public health is in danger" warns Paul Blokker of the Organization for farmers and environment. "The average Dutch person is deficient in zinc, iron, selenium, copper and magnesium. He's severely deficient in vitamin A. Most vegetables don't contain vitamin C anymore."

Vegetable Fruit Juice for Health

Everywhere in the world the amount of minerals in the soils declines. In the Netherlands faster than anywhere else. But other EU countries and the US are following rapidly.

"Why diabetes is growing explosively? Because we're malnourished. Diabetes is going to be public disease number one."

Overweight & Obese

In the Netherlands, there's a clear connection between obese people and the mandatory manure injections into the earth. Ever since these became obligatory, the percentage of overweight people increases threefold.

Avoid Diabetes

The manure injections don't cause diabetes directly. But because of the injections, the soil - and therefore the foods growing in it - become deficient in minerals and vitamins. Especially zinc, manganese and chromium are needed to regulate blood sugar.

How To Max Your Mineral Intake From Your Produce

  1. Eat organic foods, foods from green houses, wild plants or grow your own. These soils are generally not injected with animal manure.

  2. Eat more super foods. These foods are extremely high in nutrients.

  3. Start juicing - This is the best way to consume high amounts of vegetables and fruits. This way you get concentrated amounts of vitamins and minerals.

    Click here for fruit and vegetable juice recipes.

  4. Getting smart about food, what's in it and where it comes from might safe your life, read about the codex.

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