Vegetable Juice Recipes

with Wild Edible Plants

At the moment I'm in Switzerland. A perfect place for thinking up new vegetable juice recipes. In the mountains. The air is clean, the grass is green, the sun shines, the water is pure. The fields are greener than green and every where I look I see dandelions, clover, wild grasses, lady's mantle and nettles.

Can you imagine how a juice will taste made of these wonderful wild edibles? Natural fresh nutrient dense plants that grow just outside your house. One of the best drinks to get on a raw food diet. This is heaven!

Health and super foods for free!

Juice with Wild Edible Plants

Thus, every morning when I wake up I go outside and pick a handful of these wonderful wild edible plants.

I use carrots as a base for my juice. And I always add a lemon.The carrots I use for sweetness, since the dandelion has a somewhat bitter taste. I add the lemon for both taste and and antioxidant. It keeps the juice fresher longer (less oxidizing).

Sometimes I add one or two beets, a cucumber or celery.


Thus the basis ingredients for my newest vegetable juice recipes with the wild edible plants are:

2 Lbs Carrots (1 kg)
1 lemon, peeled
hand full of wild edible plants:
mostly dandelion or nettles


I put all ingredients in the juicer starting with the lemon. I alternate carrots and greens for better extracting of the green juice. (I use a high quality centrifuge juicer at the moment. It's easier and quicker juicing and cleaning but it extracts less of the greens).


This juice, made with the dandelion and other wild edible plants is very nutritive. Even 1 8 ounce glass fills me up for at least 2 hours.

A great bang for the buck

The price of these super food vegetable juice recipes? Less than 2 USD (price of the carrots and lemon). The next step is to grow my own carrots and lemon plant and the juice will be for free....

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