What Causes Cancer &
Natural Cures

What causes cancer and what are the latest natural cures? For most people it's very hard to believe that the true cause of cancer was already discovered in 1930 by scientist Otto Warburg. For his discovery he won the nobel prize twice. Even more mind blowing is that natural cures for cancer are relatively simple.

Dr Leonard Coldwell - a German MD and Kevin Trudeau's European MD - cured over 35,000 (mostly terminal ill) people naturally. Without surgery, medication or radiation.

In the interview below Dr Coldwell explains how you can cure cancer in weeks. It's beyond insanity that you don't know this - I don''t even have words for it. I think you'll absolutely like to see this.

Personally, I'm most grateful for dr Coldwell amazing work. It's thanks to the raw food diet AND his U-cure CD system that I have 3 healthy children (after being diagnosed with infertility for 6 years... ).

Below, read here about the cause and then about the cures. The information here might safe your life (or that of beloved ones).

What causes cancer?

"The cause of any illness is lack of energy. The main reason for this is chronic mental and emotional stress. A highly motivated, exited person doesn't get the flu.

There are no incurable disease, there are only incurable people. They are not willing to change their diet, lifestyle and relationships.

I you want to know how to survive and cure yourself, talk to people who survived. NOT to sick people. And never ever, never give up. It is a constant fight and you may never give up.

84% of all illness in the world is stress related. Did you know that when you are truly happy, you can't get sick (unless toxified, or injured)? We can only get sick due to a sick state, such as lack of sleep, obesity, wrong diet and stress. Cancer can only grow in a body that is oxygen deprived, toxic and acid.

Causes of Stress

So ask yourself: what is the main cause of this energy rundown. Get to the root cause of your stress. Living in a wrong relationship, job or making too many bad compromises causes stress. When you don't believe in your future, don't love your life, don't have goals, don't like yourself as you live anymore, if you believe there's no hope and no way out, this causes stress.

When diagnosed cancer, your immune system will go down 90%. This is the placebo effect in a negative way. Especially if you like your doctor. You don't want him to be wrong! But you can cure cancer in weeks. Without medication, surgery or radiation."

Leonard Coldwell

The Best Medicine

Prevention is the best medicine. Eat 70% right. But if you're ill, eat 100% right.

Make a goal sheet. Where do you want to be in half a year, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. Look excited into the future, no matter how old you are or what may have happened in the past. Then make step plan. Step by step achieve your goals.

Don't look at the things you messed up. We all do it.

Cancer cannot grow in an oxygen rich alkaline environment? Detoxify your body, eat an alkaline diet.

Stop watching the news. Why would you ever look at people harming other people on TV. Look at the bright site of life. People give up living because they have nothing to live for. If you do something nice, you feel nice. If you're a good friend, you will get good friends. We don't want to be skeptical, negative.

YOU are the only person who can make you healthy. This gives you an enormous amount of control and power.

Is This Too Simple to Work?

Every morning is a new birth. It doesn't matter how much you messed up. Every morning look in the mirror and say: You are great. Love yourself. Don't be afraid. Don't worry.

People think: "If it is so simple it can't work. Why wouldn't everyone do it." But you have to realize how much money the pharmaceutical companies make on sick people. It is so much easier to get better than to make yourself sick! It's a natural state to be healthy. You have to be exited about your future: "Yes, I am somebody! Yes, I love myself!"

Inform Yourself

Find out what causes cancer yourself. Search the internet. Talk to people who survived and live happily ever until many years after their diagnoses. Don't listen to the pharmaceutical industry who have a money interest in your illness. Inform yourself take responsibility for your life, happiness. Read, read, read and search the web for Otto Warburg, natural cures for cancer. Don't buy any supplements that come from China. Don't go to Web MD or other sites sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. This is just advertisement for pharmaceutical industry. You are the only one that has to live with your decision.

For Dr Leonard's cancer cures go to his website: www.instinctbasedmedicine.com

Coldwell's CD's with 50% Discount

You can order doctor Leonard Coldwell's CD system (U-cure as recommended by Kevin Trudeau) now with a 50% discount (limited time only). This systems helps you to get rid of your stress and in 20 minutes a day. It is very easy to use. I've used it for many years. This is a great opportunity to get the system at a great price. U-Cure System.

For his full list of cancer cures go to his website: www.instinctbasedmedicine.com

Interviews with dr Coldwell

In this interview dr Leonard Coldwell himself will tell you what causes cancer and how to cure it naturally.

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