Free Seminar: What Causes Cancer

and how to cure it

What causes cancer? What's the best of al new cancer drugs and is there a natural cure? You can find out by listening to this FREE teleseminar from Dr Coldwell.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell NMD ND PHD CNHP is the leading authority for cancer and stress related illness and has the highest curing rate for terminal diseases in Europe. Dr. Coldwell is the personal physician of Kevin Trudeau and the most endorsed holistic doctor in America and 9 times best selling author.

I'm a big fan of dr Coldwell and have been using his famous U-Cure CD System for three years. This teleseminar is a great opportunity to hear more about this fantastic system that cured so many people. It's simple, cheap and most of all effective. I don't know how people can live without it.

Information about the seminar

TOPIC: How to survive your illness and your doctor
WHEN: Tuesday, December 16th at 9:00 - 10PM EST (New York Time)
HOW: click here to sign up
WHO: Dr. Leonard Coldwell


The number one cause of death is the Medical Doctor !The ONLY cause of illness is mental and emotional stress !The Tele-Class shares information found in Dr Leonard Coldwell's new book and it could save your life, as it has others !

Dr Coldwell has cured over 35,000 patients (and his own mother from terminal stage 4 cancer). He is a leading expert for cancer and stress-related illness. In fact, he is Kevin Trudeau's personal physician in Europe. This seminar will give you the basic tools of this life-changing, life-saving information, for the very first time in America. And you'll find out what causes cancer.

In this 1 HOUR Tele-Class glean a WEALTH of information that tips the scales from the control of the medical profession into easy to understand ways to take charge of your own healthy independence. Understand and learn from decades of work, research and results which Dr. Coldwell himself will be imparting through this first-time broadcast !

To enroll in this phone seminar with no cost or obligation: click here

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